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2016 April 27 - May 10 [POLITICS]

On Children’s Day, mothers’ groups hold events to oppose war laws at various locations

May 7, 2016
On May 5, Japan’s national holiday known as Children’s Day, mothers’ groups opposing the national security-related laws held various events at many locations across the country in order to raise public awareness about the inherent danger in the controversial laws.

In a square in front of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, around 50 people assembled from across the country, handed out leaflets in the glaring sunlight, and called on the passersby to cooperate in the 20-million signatures collection campaign demanding the abolition of the war laws. They attracted people’s attention by chanting, “We won’t let anyone’s sons or daughters be killed in war!”

A woman who came from Hokkaido expressed her concern that her son is a member of the Self-Defense Forces and will be dispatched to the UN Peace Keeping Operation in South Sudan. She said that if the worst happens to him, no one can take responsibility for it. The woman added that she doesn’t think Prime Minister Abe Shinzo can resurrect anybody.

At Osaka Castle Park in Osaka City, a local mothers’ group held an event to draw public attention to the importance of peace and politics. On that morning, the participants marched in demonstration through areas near the park. In the afternoon, they held a paper craft workshop and a book-reading session for children, and many park visitors joined in. Group members talked to many parents visiting the park and explained them about how dangerous the war laws are.

A 33-year-old mother, one of the group members, said to Akahata that her group will work to devise ways of reaching out to those who are not familiar with politics.
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