Time to Question Whether Japan should Continue to be Bound by Japan-U.S. Security Treaty

An Akahata editorial pointed out that Asian countries are more critical and cautious about a Japan which is seeking to play greater military roles under the Japan-U.S. military alliance without expressing clear reflections on its past war of aggression.

Government doesn't Know Job Seekers' Trouble

A former oil company employee, who has tough times finding a new job after being pressured by the company's restructuring into quitting, has found a new place in a job seekers' networking.

Union Helped Turn Sorrow into Courage

Four months after the Uwajima Fisheries High School's training trawler was sunken by a U.S. nuclear submarine off Hawaii, teachers have organized their union in order to improve school programs which puts basic education of students first.



Time to question whether Japan should continue to be bound by Japan-U.S.
Security Treaty -- Akahata editorial, August 24, 2001
Japan and U.S. have held 19 joint exercises this year (5)
Japan's police provided U.S. with information on citizens' anti-port call activities
Governor permits U.S. naval ship, nuclear or not, to enter port in Hyogo
U.S. warships enter Himeji and Nagoya ports in defiance of protests (7)

Survey: 70 percent of small- and medium-sized enterprises suffer decline in sales
New economic policy shows failure of Koizumi's 'reform' plan -- Akahata editorial, August 22, 2001 (excerpts) (8)
Government policy of setting inflationary goal will be catastrophic: Akahata editorial, August 28, 2001 (9)

E-mails will be monitored by police under wiretap law -- Akahata editorial,
August 25, 2001 (excerpts)

Mothers always are aware how priceless life is -- 47th Japan Mothers Congress

Job cuts

Government doesn't know job seekers' trouble (11)
Major electronics companies compete in job cut plans (12)
Let the Constitution and the Fundamental Law on Education guide the nation's schools -- Zenkyo convention (13)
Union helped turn sorrow into courage -- Uwajima Fisheries High School