2001 DEC 19-DEC 25 JPS NEWS

U.S. plans to construct facility in Okinawa for counter-terrorism training

Cabinet approves fiscal draft 2002 budget with increased burdens on the people

Government draft budget is marked by reverse priorities of what's needed --Akahata editorial, December 25, 2001

69-hour-sit-in by elderly people calling for more budget for welfare

More than 200 billion yen distributed to political parties except JCP in the last 7 years

JCP backs steel workers struggle against all-work and no-off system

Toshiba worker struggles against company management, refusing long-hour commuting

Suspicion of enormous tax evasion at Japan's biggest trade union -- Akahata editorial, December 22 (excerpts)

Zenroren publishes its analysis of corporate restructuring

JCP backs steel workers struggle against all-work and no-off system

Israel must stop military attacks -- Akahata editorial, December 19, 2001

Halt Israeli military attacks now

Union membership in Japan at all time low

Former leprosy patients urge minister to fully accept court decision

Draft budget for FY 2002 to squeeze livelihoods

Stop U.S. low-flying exercises: Hiroshima

Open Isahaya's sluice gate to clear Ariake Bay: panel

Government's plan to reorganize special corporations will only add waste

Mitsui Mining ordered to pay 1.6 billion yen in damages to lung disease patients

Government predicts "zero economic growth" for fiscal 2002

*Japanese Communist Party Central Committee 3rd Plenum