2002 JAN 9-JAN 15 JPS NEWS

JCP proposes measures to protect local credit banks from overly stringent checkups

Government chooses the wrong one to care about -- Akahata editorial, January 10, 2002

Dam's research firm is dependent on major construction companies

2002 Spring Struggle is tasked with defending people's livelihood -- Akahata editorial, January 11, 2002

Business organization rejects wage increase demand and suggests wage cuts

Workers are fighting back against restructuring -- Akahata editorial, January 9, 2002 (excerpts)

LDP draft action plan calls for wartime legislation

Wartime legislation will cause new tension in Asia -- Akahata editorial, January 15, 2002

Government must withdraw its appeal: suit on aid for overseas hibakusha

Peace organizations protest against U.S. nuclear test plan

Bureaucrat may have used government information for his speculative stock dealings

Nagasaki governor received 20 million yen in donations from companies

Use of meat and bone meal for cow had to be prohibited by law: Agriculture minister

Stockbreeders join together in demanding government pay for BSE-related losses

Teachers, parents, and children discuss problems ranging from school refusal to peace education