2002 JAN 16-JAN 22 JPS NEWS

Join with JCP to Make 21st Century, an Era of Hope and Social Progress

Exclusion of NGOs from international conference on Afghanistan denounced

Big movement called for to block contingency legislation

'No wartime legislation': Peace walk at mid-Tokyo

Nago citizens resolve to win mayoral election to reject new U.S. base in Okinawa

Government outlook for the economy is just fantasy -- Akahata editorial, January 21, 2002

Finance minister: Consumption tax rate increase is necessary

Shii: Stop reckless misgovernment of Koizumi Cabinet

JCP Fuwa's lecture on 'Capital' starts

How nonsensical it is for Japan to continue its submission to United States -- Akahata editorial: January 16, 2002

U.S. plans to deploy large helicopter unit to Iwakuni Base

Crimes by U.S. soldiers increasing in Okinawa

Secretaries to LDP and DPJ Dietmembers preyed on public works projects

Loopholes used for information selling business on bids for public works projects

JCP calls for a thorough investigation into corruption of Dietmembers' private secretaries

Government tax commission eyes consumption tax rate increase

Fishing lure maker employees form union to fight against dismissal

Death from overwork recognized as work-related for the first time under discretionary work system

Sumitomo Metal promises not to impose transfers on workers

NTT urges workers to transfer to subsidiaries without showing details

Farmers' convention focuses on safe food and revival of agriculture

Kyoto's small producers and traders are fighting back against credit union bust

Grassroots efforts to regain normal life continues 7 years after 1995 great earthquake

JCP leaders exchange new year greetings with Chongryun chair

Fudesaka to act for JCP Secretariat Head Ichida