2002 JAN 23-JAN 29 JPS NEWS

JCP issues views and proposal on 'mystery ship' problem

Stop using Okinawa as support base for U.S.-Philippine exercises: JCP

U.S. forces must not be allowed to use Okinawa bases as foothold in their anti-terrorist war -- Akahata editorial, January 29, 2002

Three ruling parties railroad through supplementary budget in Diet Committee

JCP: Koizumi Cabinet's confusion apparent in two draft budgets

Akahata helped a worker get his dismissal notice withdrawn

Former Hansen's patients and government reach settlement

JCP Chair Shii meets with Russian diplomat

Nago mayoral election is the way to reject U.S. new base
-- Akahata editorial, January 23, 2002

Cabinet counselor demoted for using government computer for stock dealings

JCP demands parliament summon LDP Kato as witness

Employers want to use "work-sharing" as means of cutting wages -- Akahata editorial, January 24, 2002

Bank loans to small businesses decline by 45 trillion yen in four years

Construction companies donate millions to LDP over Isahaya Dam project

Hibakusha (A-bomb survivors) protest new U.S. nuclear strategy

Government sets out plan on wartime legislation

Cabinet official threatens Nago's anti-base citizen

Lawyers group urges agency to stop spying civil groups

Sumitomo Metal urged to withdraw illegal instruction

JCP calls for public movement against wartime legislation

Japan's government approved setting up of low altitude exercise route: U.S. Forces

Rally in the Diet calls for blocking wartime legislation