2002 FEB 13-FEB 19 JPS NEWS

Communist town mayor reelected in Hyogo

Koizumi vows further support for U.S. war escalation policy: Japan-U.S. summit talks

Japan-U.S. summit talks dismiss all criticisms
-- Akahata editorial, February 19, 2002

Gensuikyo sends open letter to U.S. President George W. Bush

National grassroots movement calls for united effort to block contingency legislation

JCP proposes recompilation of 2002 draft national budget to defend people's living conditions

JCP Chair Shii speaks before 13,000 people in Osaka

Wage cuts for bank employees 55 and over is unlawful

NTT workers will be further hurt after their transfer to affiliate companies

Bikini Day events approach

LDP Suzuki grabs government assistance for 'northern islands': JCP

Koizumi acknowledges government responsibility for BSE

Peace organizations protest against subcritical nuclear test

People power can foil wartime legislation -- Akahata editorial, February 13, 2002

Are Japanese workers better paid than in any other country?

Foreign minister defends 'axis of evil' remark as 'warning'

JCP: Stop building up military support for U.S. forces which may attack Iraq

JCP and democratic forces protest sending SDF ships to Indian Ocean

JCP Fuwa attends farewell party for South Korean ambassador

Port and seamen unions call for joint struggle against wartime legislation

15,000 people rally to defeat Koizumi Cabinet's plan to make people pay more for medical services

JCP in Diet demands government control major companies' dismissals

'Remember Ehime Maru' meeting held