2002 FEB 20-FEB 26 JPS NEWS

LDP Suzuki may have rigged bid for overseas assistance

JCP Shii calls for thorough investigation into suspicious role of Suzuki and Foreign Ministry

Don't allow new U.S. base on Okinawa: JCP assembly member

Japan's government denies U.S. forces' official statement on low flights

Beacons showing the way to a nuclear-free world -- Akahata editorial, February 25

Citizens and Dietmembers meet against wartime legislation

JCP supporters' association at faltering Snow Brand help workers speak out their minds

Let's fight against welfare cuts: doctors and nurses

All JCP candidates returned in Aomori and Machida city assembly elections

JCP requests NTT Kobe branch to stop forcing workers 50 and over to quit

7,000 in 'human chain' protest welfare cuts

Subpoena Suzuki to appear as witness -- Akahata editorial, February 23, 2002

LDP Dietmember Suzuki's interference with government foreign aid exposed

Suzuki's control of Foreign Ministry brought to light in Diet: JCP Shii

Koizumi's disastrous submission to U.S. -- Akahata editorial, February 20, 2002

Bush urges Japan to play a global role under Japan-U.S. military alliance

Bush's Diet speech on 'axis of evil' threat is serious: JCP Shii

Increased number of workers contact Zenroren for counseling

Zenroren organizes national concerted action calling for jobs and higher wages

13 women at securities firm win discrimination lawsuit