2002 JUNE 5 - JUNE 11 JPS NEWS

Dissolving the Diet for general election is the only answer -- Akahata editorial, June 10 (excerpts) (June 10)

Non-nuclear principles bind Japan's governments all time -- Akahata editorial, June 11 (June 11)

A-bomb cities protest against U.S. subcritical nuclear test (June 10)

Opposition to wartime bills increasing in localities (June 10)

For 21st century to be the era for smaller businesses (June 11)

JCP International Bureau director meets outgoing Vietnamese embassy counsellor (June 10)

JCP letter to India and Pakistan

More dismal economy and livelihood is in sight under Koizumi government -- Akahata editorial, June 8 (Excerpts) (June 8)

Let's increase power to protect agriculture -- Akahata editorial, June 7 (Excerpts) (June 7)

Don't get doctors out to war (June 7)

'Promise Hibakusha Japan won't acquire nuclear weapons' (June 7)

Counter-BSE bill passed by Lower House (June 5)

JCP chair calls for Lower House to be dissolved for general election (June 6)

Ratification of Kyoto Protocol should be first step toward prevention of global warming -- Akahata editorial, June 6 (Excerpts) (June 6)

Defense Agency list explains why contingency legislation must be rejected -- Akahata editorial, June 5 (Excerpts) (June 5)

Hidankyo to bring action against government (June 6)

JCP urges peaceful settlement on India and Pakistan (June 6)

Opposition parties demand that Fukuda and Nakatani resign (June 5)

Pollution victims demand government and companies understand their sufferings (June 8)

JCP CC 4th general meeting ends (June 7)