57 years as a Hibakusha (July 22)

Tokyo Governor Ishihara repeats remarks in favor of Japan's nuclear armament (July 23)

35,000 people rally against medical and contingency bills (July 22)

People's consensus is to get SOFA revised -- Akahata editorial, July 22

Okinawa-based U.S. Forces increasing their role in anti-terrorist wars (July 23)

Time for Japan's economy to end being hinged on U.S. -- Akahata editorial, July 23 (excerpts)

JMIU holds national congress (July 23)

Present criteria for recognition of A-bomb illnesses are too strict--Akahata editorial, July 17

Prime minister won't listen to Hibakusha this year (July 19)

Dozens of Hibakusha will apply for A-bomb diseases patient's card (July 19)

Nurse wins back former job (July 18)

'Diary' campaign helps electric workers to end unpaid overtime (July 17)

JCP Shii: Government has no idea other than making people pay extra 3 trillion yen (July 18)

Commercial broadcasters reject their role in contingencies (July 19)

DA gave out personal information at 17 seminars (July 17)

National Governors' Association requests SOFA be reviewed (July 19)

JCP urges government to refuse cooperation in U.S. attack against Iraq (July 18)