Fuwa visits China (August 27)

Earth Summit: Japan's submission to the U.S. questioned -- Akahata editorial, August 26

JMIU fights against IBM's 'sneak attack' on workers (August 24)

Court says 50% wage cut is illegal (August 24)

No more deaths in the prime of life -- Akahata editorial, August 24 (August 26)

Zenkokuippan (Zenroren) holds annual congress (August 27)

Construction and transport workers' union holds annual congress (August 27)

Company presidents say they need a union to stop industrial hollow-out (August 27)

Three Okinawan assemblies and JCP complain about U.S. fighters accidents (August 27)

Symposium for preserving war remains held (August 26)

JCP supports candidate Tanaka to help 'no more dams' current grow: JCP Shii (August 23)

JCP candidate defeats conservative contender in by-election (August 27)

Scissors-rock-papper determined fate (August 12)

Miyagi's 1,000 farmers protest against worsened government rice policy (August 22)

Nippon Meat Packers fraud includes another 3.7 tons of mislabeled beef (August 21)

U.S. F-15 crashes off Okinawa (August 22)

Yokosuka City prepares against possible radioactive leak from U.S. warships (August 21)

JCP Shii calls for movement to prevent U.S. war against Iraq (August 23)

JCP demands foreign ministry removal of U.S. bases (August 23)

Amendments can't change substance of wartime bills -- Akahata editorial, August 23 (excerpts)