* 'Save dugong' international symposium calls for U.S. base construction plan to
be canceled
(September 30)

* Peace organizations protest against U.S. subcritical nuclear test (September 30)

* Food safety threatened by imported vegetables (September 30)

* Reshuffled Koizumi Cabinet will impose on citizens heavier burden (October 1)

Koizumi's new cabinet is incapable of patching economic failure -- Akahata editorial, October 1 (excerpts)

Give suffrage to young people as other countries do -- Akahata editorial, September 29 (excerpts) (September 30)

* Nagano cancels for wasteful dam construction (17)

* Graduate students won't be exempt from obligation to return scholarship money (October 1)

* JCP delegation visits Cuba (October 1)

* Inuyama City sets maximum class size at 30 (September 25)

* 22 workers sue NTT (September 26)

* Hiroshima Hibakusha protest U.S. N-test (September 27)

Akahata "Current" column, September 27

* Worker's suicide recognized as work-related (September 28)

* 60 percent of women public workers are concerned for health (September 25)

* A sign of decline in LDP support base (September 26)

* JCP International Bureau director meets with Egyptian ambassador (September 27)

* JCP calls for third party watchdog over nuclear reactors (September 26)

* Criticality accident victim in Tokai Village sues JCO for damages (September 27)

* 48th anniversary of H-bomb victim's death (September 25)

* Nagano cancels contract for wasteful dam construction (September 26)

Use of U.S. bases in Japan for striking Iraq must not be tolerated -- Akahata editorial, September 25 (excerpts) (September 27)

* JCP issues 4-point proposal to defend people's living conditions (September 28)