* JCP contests by-elections in seven constituencies (October 11)

Government attempt to cut back on employment insurance program is a grave mistake -- Akahata editorial, October 13 (excerpts) (October 15)

* Government delegation failed to report TEPCO's cover-up to international
(October 15)

The 38th Akahata Festival, an opportunity to recharge our batteries -- Akahata editorial, October 14 (excerpt) (October 15)

* Akahata Festival, main events (October 15)

* JCP Shii criticizes Bush doctrine of war against Iraq (October 12)

* Transit systems may be mobilized in emergencies (October 9)

* Growing rift between Rengo and its political ally DPJ (October 10)

* New defense chief's unconstitutional statement criticized (October 11)

* Japan's prime minister is incapable of understanding the economy (October 12)

* Residents group calls for cancellation of NLP at Yokota Base (October 9)

* Doctors and business owners agree with JCP's 4-point proposal (October 10)

* Koshiba's winning of Nobel Prize shows importance of basic science (October 10)

* JCP urges government to oppose U.S. attack on Iraq (October 11)

Bush goes against world voices -- Akahata editorial, October 9

* Residents angered at reclamation of Awase Wetland (October 10)