Oct 23 - 29 JPS News

* UAE official says Iraq issue must be peacefully solved through U.N. (October 28)

* U.S. Army helicopter crews will train at a Japanese civil airport (October 29)

* Japan Religious Council for Peace celebrates its 40th anniversary (October 29)

A cycle of armed confrontation caused the tragedy -- Akahata editorial, October 27 (excerpts) (October 28)

* End political leniency towards rightists' acts of terrorism (October 28)

* Prime Minister promises to consider improvement of assistance to the jobless (October 25)

* JCP proposes outline of bill to protect and restore tidelands (October 29)

* JCP puts up good fight in by-elections for both houses (October 29)

Beyond the fence is the U.S.A -- Akahata 'Current' colomn, October 24 (October 26)

* JCP Shii proposes economic policy alternatives (October 23)

* Gensuikyo delegation takes call for nuclear weapons elimination to U.S. mission at U.N. (October 23)

* Union members and people of faith hold rally against wartime bills (October 24)

* Japan Gensuikyo holds signature collection campaigns against nuclear weapons during Disarmament Week (October 25)

* Democratic Party lawmaker killed (October 26)

* JCP maintains 38 percent of seats in Kyoto's Oyamazaki Town Assembly (October 23)

* JCP Ogata discusses Iraq question with Qatar officials (October 24)

* JCP poses questions about suspicion of farm minister's bribe-taking (October 25)

* 'Safeguard livelihood and oppose U.S. attack on Iraq': 3,000 people meet (October 23)

* 900 lawyers demonstrate in Tokyo against wartime legislation (October 24)

* Local bank's female workers win overall victory in suit against sexual discrimination (October 25)

* Stop 3 trillion yen tax increase plan: JCP (October 26)

* Shii demands PM Koizumi oppose U.S. preemptive attacks on Iraq and refuse war cooperation (October 23)

* JCP Secretariat head urges prime minister to assist in people's living conditions (October 24)