Oct 30 - Nov 5 JPS News

*200,000 people invigorated by Akahata Festival to work for social progress with JCP (November 5)

*Leaders call for major JCP advance at Akahata Festival (November 5)

*International guests (November 5)

*JCP Chair Shii urges Prime Minister Koizumi to work for peaceful resolution (October 31)

*DYLJ calls on UNSC permanent members to oppose attack on Iraq (October 30)

*Japanese and Chinese peace organizations agree to jointly struggle against U.S. war on Iraq (October 30)

*Residents sue U.S. base commander for damages from noise (October 30)

*U.S. helicopter training exercises at civil airport canceled (October 30)

*Pentagon report praises Japan's Self-Defense Forces 'contribution' to U.S. 'war on terrorism' (November 11)

*JCP opposes report favoring revision of the Constitution (November 2)

Economic crisis deepens as irresponsible politics continues -- Akahata editorial, October 31

*Zenroren calls for urgent measures to deal with increasing unemployment (October 30)

*State, Tokyo government, and expressway public corporation held responsible for air pollution (October 30)

*Hibakusha request government to improve treatment (November 1)

*Okinawan progressive movements join together to retake governorship (November 1)