* Foreign ministry official states 'weapons of mass destruction' cannot be used to justify military attack (November 7)

More world opposition is necessary to avert a war on Iraq -- Akahata editorial, November 10 (November 11)

* Actions against U.S. war on Iraq and nuclear war plan take place (November 11)

* UNSC resolution allows for no automatic use of force: Chief Cabinet Secretary (November 12)

* Foreign minister promises to stick to 'Pyongyang Declaration' (November 8)

* JCP Inoue demands withdrawal of 'human rights protection bill' (November 8)

* Discussion on wartime bills resumed in extraordinary Diet (November 12)

* Japan's army trains for anti-guerrilla, NBC battle
(November 7)

Corporate engineers secretly sent abroad to help Japan-U.S. operations (November 9)

* Japan's civilian engineers are being sent to war zones (November 9)

* Okinawa protests against U.S. forces air-drop practice (November 12)

* JCP Shii urges Prime Minister to stop pushing banks to pull out loans from small businesses (November 7)

* Tax money to be used to pay off debts for wasteful bridges (November 6)

* JCP in Nagano holds discussion on ways to save local economy (November 11)

* Government plans to again increase employment insurance (November 6)

Corporate restructuring causes accidents at workplaces and kills workers -- Akahata editorial, November 6 (excerpts)

* Local labor office urges IBM Japan to discuss with labor union about working conditions
(November 8)

* Harbor workers sit in against deregulation (November 7)

* JCP-supported candidate wins Kumamoto mayoral election (November 12)

* JCP message to CPC congress (November 9)