2002 NOV 27 - DEC 3 JPS NEWS

TOWARD BIGGER JCP THAT MAKES HISTORY -- Speech by SHII Kazuo at The 38th Akahata Festival (Tokyo, November 3, 2002)

* Nuclear-weapons abolition comes up as common task of UNGA (November 27)

* U.S. nuclear-powered subs with nuclear certification visited Japan during 1998-2000 (December 2)

SDF deployment abroad goes against international efforts for peace -- Akahata editorial, Nov. 28

* Defense Agency admits SDF general threatened protesters (November 29)

* Government to send Aegis destroyer to Indian Ocean (December 3)

* SDF introduced camouflage fatigues for desert warfare during 1991 Gulf War (December 3)

* 695 professionals of various fields support appeal against U.S. war on Iraq (November 29)

* 25,000 people rally to stop wartime legislation (December 2)

* JCP Shii proposes holding weekly one-on-one debate (November 28)

* High school graduates-to-be are distressed with very few job offers (November 29)

* 147 firms in Aichi pay 520 million yen in back pay (December 2)

Don't rob handicapped people of jobs -- Akahata editorial, December 3

* JCP in parliament lashes government's cold-blooded policy toward smaller businesses (December 3)

* Government will no longer be responsible for stable rice supply and price (December 3)

* HL&W Ministry's moves to meet pharmaceutical industry's interests on medicinal examining procedures (November 27)

* Fishermen and citizens file lawsuit, calling for a halt to Isahaya Bay reclamation works (November 27)

* Town and village heads protest against forced mergers of smaller municipalities (November 28)

* Lake desalination project halted after 40 years (November 30)

* JCP Ogata meets with Thai foreign ministry official (November 28)

* JCP representatives visit Laos (November 29)

* JCP int'l head and Lao vice-prime minister agree on working to solve Iraq question peacefully (November 30)

* Meeting with Lao national assembly vice-president (November 30)

*JCP int'l head returns home from Laos (December 2)