2002 DEC 11 - DEC 17 JPS NEWS

* People protest at MSDF Aegis destroyer leaving for the Indian Ocean (December 17)

* Ruling parties propose amending the 'Bill to Respond to Armed Attacks' (December 11)

* Ruling parties are desperate for carrying over contingency bills to next Diet session (December 13)

* Gensuikyo submits 34,000 signatures calling for non-use of nuclear weapons (December 12)

* Call of 2002 World Conference against A & H Bombs responded to by 15
(December 13)

* Kobe's Hibakusha aid campaign marks 36th anniversary (December 17)

*Citizens hold rally in Tokyo against a war on Iraq (December 14)

* North Korea must immediately retract nuclear development plan: JCP Shii (December 14)

* Former 'Greeneville' captain apologizes to collision survivors (December 16)

* Former U.S. submarine commander apologizes to another family of victim (December 17)

* 155th Extraordinary Diet Session ends (December 14)

* Tax reform plan to impose heavier burdens on citizens (December 14)

Business organization's decision to tap political donations is anachronistic folly -- Akahata editorial, December 15 (December 16)

* JCP comments on election of Kan as DPJ leader (December 12)

* Okinawa assembly demands thorough review of SOFA (December 11)

U.S. extra-territorial rights over Japan must end -- Akahata editorial, December 12 (excerpts)

* JCP Shii gives lecture to Okinawa's economic circles (December 12)

* Married women workers win victorious settlement over discrimination (December 17)

* One hundred workers get 45-million yen back pay in overtime wages from NEC (December 11)

* Workers receive 8.1 billion yen of overtime pay (December 14)

*1.93 million more people will be forced out of jobs in the next 3 years (December 16)

* Medical associations jointly oppose government plan to increase people's payments in medical costs (December 12)

* JCP urges government to aid the homeless (December 14)

* 'Comfort women' bill by opposition parties can be first step toward solving problems (December 14)

Government should pay unpaid wages to former Japanese war captives in Siberia -- Akahata editorial, December 11 (excerpts)

* Fuwa's seminar on Capital ends (December 17)

* Fuwa receives Chinese ambassador (December 13)

* JCP Shii to visit India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan (December 13)

* Shii visits Sri Lankan ambassador (December 14)