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2010 JANUARY 20 - JANUARY 26

Anti-U.S. base candidate elected as Nago mayor
In the Nago City mayoral election on January 24 in Okinawa, Inamine Susumu, who opposes the construction of a new U.S. military base off the cityfs Henoko district in the name of gtransferringh the U.S. Futenma Air Station, was elected to be the next mayor.

DPJ Ozawa questioned over source of 400 million yen
Tokyo prosecutors on January 23 questioned Ozawa Ichiro, secretary general of the Democratic Party of Japan, on suspicion of violating the Political Funds Control Law over a land purchase by his fund management organization.

Keidanren must recognize responsibility to resolve economic crisis - Akahata editorial
The Japan Business Federationfs (Nippon Keidanren) Committee on Management and Labor Policy published a report outlining its policy on how to deal with laborfs wage increase demands in this yearfs Spring Struggle. Although the theme of the latest annual report is gTo overcome the crisis and pave the way for a new development,h it fails to propose appropriate ways to do so.

JCP opposes FY2009 supplementary budget plan
LDP still clings to old-style politics
Hiroshima High Court rules 2009 general election unconstitutional

End Japanfs subservience to U.S. and move to abrogate Japan-U.S. Security Treaty - Akahata editorial
Local assembly opposes transfer of U.S. base to Shimojishima
Japan-U.S. relations fall short of Lincolnfs determination- Akahata eCurrentf column
The government must put peoplefs dignity ahead of militaristic logic: JCP Akamine on Futenma issue

Nago City Election
Anti-U.S. base candidate Inamine elected as Nago mayor
Ichida: Nago mayoral election result offers hope for a peaceful Okinawa
New Nago mayor to send residentsf vote of opposition to base construction to prime minister
Ichida criticizes chief cabinet secretaryfs remarks as disregarding Nago citizenfs will

JCP Sasaki calls for full disclosure of Hatoyama and Ozawa allegations
DPJ Ozawa questioned over source of 400 million yen
JCP Ichida says Ozawa must tell truth in Diet

Workers call for wage hike at labor ministry
Unionists hold rally calling for job security and wage increase
Keidanren must recognize responsibility to resolve economic crisis - Akahata editorial
Zenroren and Rengo criticize Keidanren report
Use of 1% of corporate internal reserves would enable large corporations to hire more than 1,000 people each

Farmers movement gives relief money to Haitian Embassy
70 percent of 20-year-olds frustrated with politics and society
Local court advises settlement of Minamata-disease lawsuit

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