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Government must recognize and abrogate secret pacts on nuclear arms: Shii
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 9 published a report by a panel of experts regarding Japan-U.S. secret agreements. The published report contains serious problems in its recognition of the bilateral secret agreements on nuclear weapons. Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo at a press conference on the same day responded to questions on this report.

Secure right to education for all children
Regarding a government-proposed bill to make high schools tuition-free now under Diet deliberation, the government mentioned the possibility of excluding Korean schools from the tuition-free program.

Unions should not support a specific political party
Everyone should be free to support a political party of their choice and vote for candidates according to their individual political beliefs. However, the largest national center of trade unions in Japan, the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo), has traditionally maintained a policy to require its member unions to support a specific political party.

JCP chair issues statement on govt report regarding Japan-U.S. secret pacts on nuclear weapons
Government reports on Japan-U.S secret pacts
Shii answers questions on secret pacts on nuclear arms
Govt must represent citizen concerns on secret pacts and Futenma base

JCP Kasai criticizes foreign minister for accepting nuclear weapons as deterrence force
6 months of promise-breaking by Hatoyama Cabinet

2 U.S. Marines arrested over obstruction and drunken driving
Futenma base
Okinawa Assembly makes representations to Tokyo
Nago residents hold rally opposing construction of new U.S. base in Henoko
Alliance of subordination
50 years of Japan-U.S. Alliance - Illusion of eequalityf - Part IV

Secure right to education for all children - Akahata editorial
33 people died from delay in seeking medical care
165,000 people held nationwide actions opposing tax increase

Unions should not support a specific political party
Postal reform minister promises to provide full-time positions to non-regular workers at Japan Post Group

1945 Tokyo Air Raid commemorated with pledge of peace

Cabinet decides on a 25% cut in greenhouse gas emissions

Sub-contractors of eMonjuf make political donations to governor

Tokyo governor spent 240,000 yen for one night stay in hotel in Beijing

JCP Ogata meets executive vice-president of Chinese Association for International Understanding

2010 MARCH 10 - MARCH 16

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