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2010 JUNE 9 - JUNE 15

Strong economy: For whom is it strong?
Prime Minister Kan Naoto in his first policy speech stated, g(The new Cabinet will) bring about a estrong economy,f erobust public financesf and a estrong social security systemf in an integrated manner.h If he means a strong and reliable government representing the interests of business circles, nothing good can be expected for the general public.

DPJ depends on Rengo money and votes
With the Upper House election approaching, the Democratic Party of Japan is increasingly leaning on the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo), the largest DPJ support base, for money, the rounding up of votes, and organizational campaigns to produce Rengo-backed DPJ politicians.

Does new PM Kan still carry on spirit of civil movement?
Ichikawa Fusae and civil movement - these are always mentioned in newspapers and TV programs to introduce new Prime Minister Kan Naoto. The media want to portray as if Kanfs inauguration is the emergence of a leader who started his career in a civil movement, however……

Question is whether the new Cabinet can speak up against US and business world
Does new PM Kan still carry on spirit of civil movement? - Akahata ecurrentf column
DPJ depends on Rengo money and votes
Postal minister resigns just 2 days after formation of new Cabinet
New PM in policy speech avoids touching on inconvenient truth about DPJ
- Akahata editorial
He learns nothing from Hatoyama failings: Shii on Kanfs policy speech
Strong economy: For whom is it strong? - Akahata editorial
Kan administration must listen to public criticism: Shii

Alliance of Subordination
SOFA, the Darkness - Part V
Okinawa Ogimi Village Assembly adopts a written statement opposing US helipads

2,000 disabled people in rally call for withdrawal of eself-supportf bill
JCP survey shows nursing care service users find financial burdens unbearable
Benefits cuts for elderly unlawful: Fukuoka High Court

17 foreigners in Niigata lose their teaching jobs
Labor bureau instructs cement company to end illegal use of temporary workers

JCP Ogata attends Philippine Independence Day reception
Shii calls on all JCP members to strive for JCP advance in election

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