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2010 AUGUST 25 - AUGUST 31

Can only the rich be lawyers?
A rally organized by the Chiba Bar Association calls for the continuation of the scholarship program to legal apprentices which the government is planning to abolish in November. Japan Federation of Bar Association (JFBA) President Utsunomiya Kenji said, gIf lawyers, judges, or prosecutors are all from wealthy backgrounds, they may limit the human rights of the weak, the poor, and the general public.h

Cabinet panel seeks a more militaristic Japan
The Cabinet panel on national security and defense policy submitted to Prime Minister Kan Naoto a report. The panel report suggests that the government ease the gThree Principles of Weapons Exportsh and the gThree Non-Nuclear Principlesh which have put brakes on Japanfs military build-up.

JCP Shii and CPIM Karat to cooperate in eliminating N-weapons, developing exchange and solidarity
The delegations of the Japanese Communist Party and the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on August 28 ended their 3-day talks at the JCP head office. The two parties agreed to develop cooperation on the task of eliminating nuclear weapons as well as exchange and solidarity between them.

Cabinet panel seeks for a more militaristic Japan - Akahata editorial

50 years of Japan-U.S. Alliance
Mechanism of US privileges - Part VI

ASDF acrobatic flight improper for a sports festa

Legislation must be established for compensation to air raid victims- Akahata editorial (excerpts)
National council formed for all Hepatitis patientsf relief
Can only the rich be lawyers?

Isuzu forces workers to work excessively long hours
Ex-temp worker at pasta-chain wins entitlement to past overtime
Behind strong yen, workers are either overworked or lose their jobs - Akahata ecurrentf column

13,000 women discuss peace and environment

JCP Shii talks with CPIM General Secretary Karat
JCP Shii and CPIM Karat to cooperate in eliminating N-weapons, developing exchange and solidarity
CPIM delegation meets with JCP leaders of Kyoto
Shii hosts farewell party for CPIM delegation

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