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Prime Minister Abe sent congratulatory telegrams to Unification Church

It has been revealed that Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and the justice minister sent congratulatory telegrams to a front organization of the Unification Church.

It is a grave problem that the prime minister as well as the justice minister, who is in charge of cracking down on such cults, supports the organization.

In open letters to Prime Minister Abe and Justice Minister Nagase Jin'en, as well as former Justice Minister Yasuoka Okiharu, the National Network of Lawyers against Spiritual Sales asked about their relationships with the Unification Church, but these three politicians have completely ignored the letters.

On October 13, the national lawyers' network again sent them an open letter and held a rally in the Dietmembers' Office Building, calling on the three to fulfill their accountability.

At the rally, lawyers revealed that Prime Minister Abe sent congratulatory cables to ceremonies held by the "Universal Peace Federation," which was established by Unification Church guru Moon Sun Myung and his wife, in Japan in October last year and in May this year.

In a Unification Church's magazine, Kajikuri Gentaro, the former director of a Unification Church's front organization "International Federation for Victory over Communism" said that he worked with Kishi Nobusuke, Abe's grandfather and former prime minister, to establish an independent Japanese constitution and the enactment of an anti-espionage law. Kajikuri also said that he met Abe Shintato, Abe's father and former foreign minister, every month to explain the "unification movement."

The Unification Church is an antisocial organization that the Supreme Court found engages in illegal activities that include fund raising, goods selling, mission work, and mass weddings.
- Akahata, October 14, 2006

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