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DM Hamada: we may incur 'massive damage' in retaliation for Japan's enemy-base strikes

Defense Minister Hamada admitted to the possibility that Japan “may suffer tremendous damage," if Japan comes under attack in retaliation for its exercise of the right to collective self-defense to attack enemy bases even when Japan is not under attack.

JCP Koike: If PM Kishida supports diversity in society, he should realize LGBT equality law

Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Koike Akira said, “If Prime Minister Kishida really respects diversity in society, he should work to enact legislation banning LGBTQ discrimination and permit same-sex marriage.”

PM Kishida draws criticism for his 'women on maternity leave should reskill' remark

Prime Minister Kishida Fumio is calling for "different dimension" child support policies, but his lack of understanding of how time consuming it is to take care of a baby has been revealed in his recent answers to questions in the Diet.


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