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2024 Feb 07 - 13
2024 Jan 31 - Feb 06
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Tamura talks with local organizations in quake-hit Noto region regarding industrial recovery

JCP Chair Tamura Tomoko visited Wajima and Nanao cities in the quake-hit Noto region, and exchanged views with local organizations regarding the need for the recovery of industries from the powerful quake’s devastating impact.

JCP Kasai calls for Shika NPP on Noto Peninsula to be decommissioned

JCP lawmaker Kasai Akira said that the Noto Peninsula earthquake proves that the current evacuation plan for a nuclear accident at the Shika Nuclear Power Plant is just a “desk theory”, and demanded that the plant be decommissioned.

JCP Takahashi calls for gov’t measure to enable Noto quake victims to stay at secondary evacuation sites

JCP lawmaker Takahashi Chizuko urged the government to take measures to prevent Noto quake victims from being forced to leave secondary evacuation sites such as hotels and inns.

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Japanese youth hold demos nationwide against genocide in Gaza

Japanese youth held demos at various locations across Japan against Israel’s threat to launch a f...
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