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2024 Feb 21 - 27
2024 Feb 14 - 20
2024 Feb 07 - 13

Japanese banks invest or loan \7 trillion to N-weapons companies

It was recently publicly revealed that seven Japanese financial institutions have invested or loaned about 6.95 trillion yen (463.29 billion U.S. dollars) in total to nuclear weapons manufacturing companies.

Kishida gov’t seeks to introduce contingency legislation forcing flower growers to plant potatoes

JCP representative Tamura Takaaki opposed the government plan to submit a bill that will enable the government to order farmers to expand or switch to production of rice, wheat, soy beans, and potatoes in the event of an emergency such as warfare.

\135.3 million in back taxes be levied if LDP slush funds are regarded as income

The National Federation of Traders and Producers Organizations demanded that the National Tax Agency conduct tax investigations on LDP politicians involved in the creation of off-the-book funds and in turn impose penalty taxes on them.

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Japanese youth hold demos nationwide against genocide in Gaza

Japanese youth held demos at various locations across Japan against Israel’s threat to launch a f...
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