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2021 Sep 08 - 14
2021 Sep 01 - 07
2021 Aug 25 - 31

US retaliatory war and Japan

It has been 20 years since the terrorist attacks occurred on September 11, 2001 in the U.S., followed by a U.S. retaliatory war on Afghanistan. After these 20 years, it has become crystal-clear that a war of retaliation takes thousands of innocent lives and runs counter to global efforts to eradicate terrorism.

All 3 candidates for LDP president show no difference from Abe and Suga policies

Three persons have announced their candidacy for Liberal Democratic Party president, intensifying an intraparty contest for power. All the three have shown no difference from the Abe/Suga policy line.

4 opposition parties along with Civil Alliance agree on common agenda

Four opposition parties, including the Japanese Communist Party, and the Civil Alliance agreed on a common agenda which aims to establish a new coalition government.

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'All Okinawa'-backed candidates resolve to keep Okinawa's antibase seats in general election

Four 'All Okinawa'-backed candidates, including JCP Akamine Seiken (2nd left at the front), for the...
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