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List of Past issues

 Global nurses' unions send PM Suga and IOC letter calling for rescheduling of Tokyo Olympics (July 13, 2021)
 Summer Games to be held 'without spectators' in Hokkaido and Fukushima (July 11, 2021)
 Olympic Games in Tokyo areas will be held without spectators including schoolchildren (July 10, 2021)
 Tokyo Olympics will be held under state of emergency (July 9, 2021)
 Zenroren calls on JCP to work with other opposition parties to realize a government supportive of workers’ demands (July 7, 2021)
 JCP’s call for cancelling Summer Games gains voter support in Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election (July 6, 2021)
 Opposition parties' joint struggles yield results in 12 districts in Metropolitan Assembly election (July 6, 2021)
 Teachers’ unions issue appeal calling for cancellation of mobilization of schoolchildren to attend Summer Games (July 3, 2021)
 Purchase of US weapons and weapons systems come in 1st with 420.2 billion yen, far exceeding 2nd-place Japanese firm (June 29, 2021)
 Quarter of municipalities in Tokyo decline to participate in project to mobilize schoolchildren to attend Summer Games (June 29, 2021)
 Women candidates for Metropolitan Assembly race account for 58.6% in JCP while only 15% in LDP (June 27, 2021)
 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election campaign officially starts amid COVID-19 pandemic (June 26, 2021)
 JCP urges Tokyo governor to withdraw from project to mobilize schoolchildren to attend Summer Games (June 22, 2021)
 Olympic Games 'with spectators' are opposite of needed effort to control flow of people[Editorial] (June 22, 2021)
 All municipalities should cancel planned mobilization of schoolchildren to go to Summer Games[Editorial] (June 21, 2021)
 JCP policy commission chair calls for end of gov’t subsidies to political parties as they are available even for vote-buying (June 19, 2021)
 Gov’t should take seriously experts’ warning about spread of Olympic-induced infections: Shii (June 19, 2021)
 COVID-19 state of emergency lifted while pandemic is still ongoing (June 18, 2021)
 Land control bill to surveil residents living near bases becomes law (June 17, 2021)
 Shii: JCP advance in Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election will increase pressure for cancellation of Summer Games (June 17, 2021)
 JCP criticizes new law for leading to space exploration on 1st-come-1st-served basis (June 16, 2021)
 Shii: Don't impose 'support' for holding of Olympics on general public following G7 endorsement (June 15, 2021)
 Revised national referendum law for constitutional amendments enacted (June 12, 2021)
 Don't obscure facts behind NTT's entertaining-for-favor scandals in gov't communications administration[Editorial] (June 11, 2021)
 JCP Shiokawa calls for international rulemaking, not Artemis pact, to deal with space resources (June 11, 2021)
 JCP Koike: Tax the rich to redress increase in economic disparities during pandemic (June 8, 2021)
 Koganei City Assembly in Tokyo: Summer Games should be cancelled (June 6, 2021)
 Amid pandemic, bill to impose on elderly heavier medical burdens forcibly enacted (June 5, 2021)
 Ex-METI minister under investigation over his vote-buying scandal resigns as lawmaker (June 2, 2021)
 LDP puts off approval on LGBT equality bill (May 29, 2021)
 Shii: Re-extension of state of emergency is result of gov't failure with anti-coronavirus measures (May 28, 2021)
 JCP urges gov’t to protest against IOC vice president’s remark ignoring COVID-19 health emergency (May 27, 2021)
 JCP Akamine, regarding land-restriction bill, demands holding of hearings of residents living near bases (May 27, 2021)
 Diet should uncover full truth behind alleged bribery involving broadcast media firm where PM Suga's son works[Editorial] (May 26, 2021)
 IOC’s stance clinging to holding Tokyo Games damages ideal of Olympic movement (May 25, 2021)
 LDP bulldozes through hospital bed reduction bill in midst of expansion of COVID-19 emergency (May 22, 2021)
 Bill that hinders juvenile offenders from reentering society enacted (May 22, 2021)
 DefMin puts pressure on critical media reporting on vaccine booking system flaws (May 20, 2021)
 Unified efforts by opposition parties working with public movement activists block adverse revision of immigration law: Shii (May 19, 2021)
 Majority of Japanese call for postponement or cancellation of Tokyo Olympic Games (May 18, 2021)
 Shiokawa demands that gov't compensate coronavirus-affected nursing-care facilities for their losses in earnings (May 17, 2021)
 Gov’t adds 3 more prefectures to COVID-19 emergency declaration (May 15, 2021)
 JCP approves CDPJ/LDP-drafted amendments to LGBT bill (May 15, 2021)
 Tokyo JCP in its campaign pledges includes cancellation of Summer Games (May 14, 2021)
 Digital reform bills enacted, allowing use of personal data 'for moneymaking' (May 13, 2021)
 Diet debate started on bill to surveil residents living in vicinity of bases (May 12, 2021)
 JCP resolves to work to scrap adverse revision of immigration law in cooperation with other opposition parties (May 11, 2021)
 States of emergency extended till May 31 (May 8, 2021)
 LDP-proposed bill to revise National Referendum Law approved at Lower House Constitution Commission (May 7, 2021)
 JCP Secretariat Head issues statement on occasion of Constitution Day (May 3 & 4, 2021)

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