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 Civic group protests against US blank-fire shooting drills in Yokosuka (June 5, 2024)
 US military refuses to provide results of PFOS-contained wastewater analysis (May 26, 2024)
 JCP Akamine opposes planned deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles to US Kadena base (May 22, 2024)
 US military choppers make unauthorized landing on Fukushima City-owned property (April 27, 2024)
 US military regularly conducts parachute drills at Kadena AB[Editorial] (April 26, 2024)
 Local dockworkers go on strike to protest call of USS Rafael Peralta at Ishigaki Port (March 12, 2024)
 Okinawa Governor and residents living near Yokota AB in western suburbs of Tokyo oppose restart of Osprey flights (March 10, 2024)
 Yamazoe: Gov’t should not accept US plan to lift Osprey flight ban (March 7, 2024)
 US military chopper flies at very low altitude over Saga airport runway (March 1, 2024)
 Compensation for noise pollution at US bases totals about \70.4 billion (February 29, 2024)
 Japanese bereaved family resents imprisoned US military personnel’s parole in US (January 28, 2024)
 US sailor, while serving prison term in Japan for fatal car accident, transferred to US and released on parole (January 20, 2024)
 JCP Policy Commission Chair: Ospreys should be removed, not just grounded (December 8 & 9, 2023)
 Osprey accidents already caused 63 deaths (December 6, 2023)
 Accident-prone Osprey aircraft should be grounded (December 3 & 6, 2023)
 US Osprey crashes into waters off Kagoshima, first fatal accident in Japan (November 30 & December 1, 2023)
 Okinawa JCP calls for cancellation of Japan-US joint military drills (October 5, 2023)
 JCP in Oita Pref. demands a stop to all Osprey flights (September 25, 2023)
 Anti-US alliance org demands site investigations into PFAS contamination (September 7, 2023)
 JCP demands withdrawal of plan to deploy US military landing craft unit to Yokohama (August 30, 2023)
 Cross-party assemblymembers of Tokyo's 3 cities protest against emergency landing of US aircraft (August 19, 2023)
 US marine arrested for drunken driving after crash (August 15, 2023)
 VFP Okinawa seeks solutions to PFAS contamination issue (August 10, 2023)
 Osprey MV22s are defective and should be grounded and removed[Editorial] (July 27, 2023)
 PFAS concentration 18 times greater than the allowable national limit is detected in US Atsugi base (July 12, 2023)
 Okinawa sees sharp increase in number of arrests of US military personnel (July 1, 2023)
 Defense Ministry admits to leaks of PFAS out of US Yokota Air Base (June 30, 2023)
 JCP urges Tokyo governor to protest against US military’s unannounced parachuting drills at Yokota AB (June 27, 2023)
 Gov't: Unaware of PFAS use at US military bases (June 20, 2023)
 90% of crimes committed by US servicepersons in 2022 not taken to court (June 10, 2023)
 Meeting held to discuss PFAS problem in and near US bases in Japan (June 5, 2023)
 None of US soldiers who committed crimes in Japan 'while on duty' charged in Japanese courts (April 27, 2023)
 US marine arrested for stealing car in Iwakuni (April 5, 2023)
 US civilian personnel attached to US military in Japan increased to 13K (April 3, 2023)
 USMC chopper accidentally drops a part containing gunpowder in Okinawa (March 18, 2023)
 Japan-US SOFA hampers Okinawa's PFAS investigation (March 4, 2023)
 Hiroshima peace groups: No! to MSDF-USN joint miliary exercises in Hiroshima Bay (February 25, 2023)
 JCP in Aomori protests against F-16 fuel tank dump (February 18, 2023)
 Amid local protests, USMC forcibly conducts nighttime live-shell firing exercise in Hokkaido's Yausubetsu military training field (January 26 & February 1, 2023)
 JCP in Kanagawa urges governor to put stop to deployment of US military landing craft unit to Yokohama (January 26, 2023)
 JCP in Ehime Prefecture demands suspension of US aircraft flights over nuclear power plant (January 20, 2023)
 Signature drive launched calling for relief of US crime victims in Yamaguchi's Iwakuni City (January 12, 2023)
 Gov’t pours 66.1 billion yen in tax money in suppression of Okinawans’ protests against Henoko base project (January 9, 2023)
 US marine driving stolen car causes traffic accident (December 24, 2022)
 Top 4 US overseas bases with highest asset value are located in Japan (November 21, 2022)
 Peace group in Hakodate protests against port call of US destroyer (October 9, 2022)
 US Naval Forces Japan head apologizes for PFOS-tainted water discharge from Yokosuka base (October 9, 2022)
 Yokosuka City Assembly demands prevention of PFOS-polluted water leakage from US base (October 5, 2022)
 Contaminated water from US Yokosuka base leaks into sea (September 15, 2022)
 JCP Kyoto Prefectural Assemblymembers urge governor to protest US warship’s entry into civil port in Maizuru (September 11, 2022)

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