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2023 November 15 - 21 TOP3 [JCP]

JCP Central Committee puts draft 29th Congress Resolution to all-party discission

November 15, 2023

The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee on November 14 ended its 10th Plenum held for two days at the JCP head office with a determination to improve the draft Resolution for the 29th Congress through an all-party discussion and concentrate all-party energy to achieve the goals of the major organizational drive.

Chair Shii Kazuo on the first day delivered the opening speech on behalf of the Executive Committee. He stressed the historical significance of the coming Congress and called on party members to make it a success as a congress prepared for major advances in the next 100 years based the past 100-year history of the JCP.

Vice Chair Tamura Tomoko explained the main points of the draft Resolution for each of the 19 items in five chapters. Secretariat Head Koike Akira appealed to party members to work hard to achieve the goals of the major campaign for party expansion and generational succession in order to celebrate the 29th Congress.

Vice Chair Yamashita Yoshiki submitted a proposal regarding the Congress, such as procedures for electing Congress delegates and putting the draft Resolution to an all-party discussion. The Plenum approved his proposal.

Tamura made the concluding remarks on the 2-day discussion in which 45 Central Committee members spoke.

The Plenum unanimously adopted the draft 29th Congress Resolution and the appeal for the success of the major drive. Plenum participants pledged to improve the draft Resolution through an all-party discussion and go all out to accomplish the objectives of the major campaign.
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