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2023 November 15 - 21 [JCP]

JCP Social Sciences Institute holds talks with CPV Central Theoretical Council

November 17, 2023

Vice director of the Japanese Communist Party Social Sciences Institute Yamaguchi Tomio, who is also a JCP Executive Committee member, held talks with a delegation of the Central Theory Council of the Communist Party of Vietnam headed by Dr. To Huy Rua, former CPV politburo member, on November 16 at the JCP head office in Tokyo.

Yamaguchi, in response to requests form the Vietnamese delegation, reported on the JCP’s theoretical development regarding socialism. He said that the JCP, based on its policy of sovereign independence, has pursued its study of Marx’s works. He went on to say that the JCP in its Party Program clarified that a socialist/communist society will overcome the various contradictions of capitalism and pave the way for the full and free development of all people, which will become an engine for further social development.

The Vietnamese delegation head, Rua, said that the CPV, while promoting its Doi Moi policy with the aim of turning Vietnam into a socialist-oriented advanced mixed economy nation, has been conducting research that will give a theoretical basis to the next party congress. He added that in this regard, the CPV pays close attention to the JCP’s theory lying behind its struggle to achieve social change in Japan as an advanced capitalist country.

Yamaguchi answered questions from the Vietnamese delegation, including the JCP role in grassroots movements in various fields such as gender equality.

Those who attended the meeting were, from the JCP, International Commission secretary general Tagawa Minoru and Study and Education Bureau acting chair Muranushi Akiko and from Vietnam, Central Theoretical Council Vice Chairperson Dr. Nguyen Van Thanh and Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Pham Quang Hieu.

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