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2014 March 5 - 11 [JCP]

JCP regains seat in NPP-hosting town assembly

March 5, 2014
Japanese Communist Party Kawamoto Takeshi, 36, will become an assemblyperson in the town of Mihama in Fukui Prefecture where nuclear reactors are located as a result of the town assembly election.

The JCP on March 4 restored its presence for the first time in eleven years in the 14-member town assembly. Mihama Town, where three aging reactors are located, was the only municipality in Fukui Prefecture with nuclear reactors in which the JCP had no assembly seat.

This town has been under the strong influence of Kansai Electric Power Co., the operator of the Mihama Nuclear Power Plant. However, Kawamoto tenaciously called for sound town development without having to host the atomic facility.

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