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2014 March 5 - 11 TOP3 [JCP]

All 5 JCP candidates win in Oshu City election in Iwate

March 11, 2014
The Japanese Communist Party on March 9 increased its seats by one to a total of five in the Oshu City Assembly election in Iwate, and all three JCP candidates, one up from the previous party strength, also won in the Sumoto City Assembly election that took place on the same day in Hyogo.

In the city of Oshu known as the hometown of People’s Life Party leader Ozawa Ichiro, all five JCP candidates secured their seats, composing the largest JCP assemblypersons’ group in the prefecture. The JCP now comprises 17.86% of this 28-member assembly.

In the election campaign, the five candidates called for cuts in national health insurance premiums which are the highest among 14 cities in the prefecture, free medical services for children aged 15 or younger, and continuation of the measure to provide a free daycare for a third child in a family.

Segawa Sadakiyo, chair of the JCP local district committee, said, “Confronting the maladministration of the Abe government and the Oshu City authorities, the JCP continues to present counterproposals. As Ozawa is losing his influence in the city, the JCP is working to seek cooperation with others regarding important issues. This stood out as an important strategy during the election campaign.”
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