JCP economic proposal
*At issue is a choice between two ways to solve economic crisis
*JCP secretariat head explains JCP economic proposal to chief cabinet secretary
*Adverse revision of social services hampers economic recovery and impairs livelihood
*Akahata comments on government's extraordinary scheme of guaranteeing stock prices with tax money
Grassroots movement
*JCP calls for grassroots movement to rehabilitate ailing economy
*Call for consumption tax relief resounding through nation

*Grassroots movements are developing to defend Constitution
*Stop training judicial apprentices in SDF: JCP

*How can damage from medicines be rooted out, if Abe is 'not guilty'?

U.S. Forces in Japan
*Plan for a new U.S. base not premised on time limit must be completely withdrawn
*Government has lost premise on which to construct a new U.S. base in Okinawa: Akahata
*Use of Yokosuka as U.S. aircraft carrier's homeport must end: Kanagawa's local governments
*U.S. nuclear sub gets in Sasebo port without notice; peace organization protests
*323 houses for U.S. soldiers will be built by Japan money
Japan-U.S. military cooperation
*GSDF has secret military action plan to repel imagined enemies
*What emergency to prepare for? Akahata on wartime legislation

*Mitsubishi Motors to reduce the number of workers by 9,500 by FY 2003
*Unions oppose proposal for new system of government employees
*Women group's survey discloses facts of unpaid overtime work
*U.S. -based Citibank withdraws its order of distant transfer to employee with bed-ridden mother
*Court recognizes municipality employee's death from overwork
*Worker's back pain recognized as work-related
*Workers of regional bank win shorter working hours without pay cuts

*Criticism arising against Tokyo governor's anti-communist remark

*Seven teachers' unions join together to express their worry over rightist textbook
*Teachers unions, trade unions, and citizens organizations discuss 'educational crisis'

*China's peace organization appreciates JCP Fuwa's proposal on Taiwan