JCP leaders call for U.N.-led efforts to sanction and bring perpetrators to justice

Prime minister confirms SDF units could be sent anywhere abroad

Let the Constitution's Article 9 guide -- Akahata editorial, October 8, 2001

Protests spread throughout Japan against retaliatory war and SDF participation

New Rengo leader to call on Zenroren for joint struggle on employment issue

Prime Minister Koizumi's statements in China won't help genuine Japan-China friendship: Akahata

A page of Okinawa's post-war history closed -- Former JCP Vice Chair Senaga Kamejiro dies at 94

Prime minister fails to answer about danger of retaliatory war

JCP urges gov ernment to stop cheering corporate restructuring and increasing medical expenses

JCP: Prime Minister's statement about 'seven million jobs offered must be withdrawn

JCP: 'Lawsuit through the U.N. should be U.S. step'

Young people, lawyers, and citizens call fr no war solution

JCP chair urges government to give up new war law

Bill on SDF participation in war contradicts efforts to eradicate terrorism --Akahata editorial, October 6, 2001

Stop enacting new law to put SDF units in combat situations abroad

700 women march in Ginza to reject terrorism and war

JCP Ichida: Stop enacting unconstitutional SDF dispatch law