SDF dispatch bill bulldozed through Upper House

Struggle should focus on not allowing SDF to take part in U.S. War: JCP Shii

JCP Fuwa sends message of solidarity to Buddhist nun fasting for a world free of wars

Leading electronics companies cut domestic personnel and increase workforce abroad

Pub chain owner punished for neglecting to pay employees for overtime

NJWA holds 20th National Congress

Waiting for U.S. to produce nothing -- Akahata editorial, October 29, 2001 (excerpts)

JCP Chair Fuwa attends Turkish Embassy's reception

JCP Fuwa receives outgoing Lao ambassador

Six months in office, is the Koizumi Cabinet telling people to endure pain of 'reform'?-- Akahata editorial, October 27, 2001

Government must urge U.S. to stop air strikes and ban the use of cluster bombs: JCP in Upper House

Prime Minister blurts out nonsense about 'U.S. retaliatory war' -- Akahata editorial, October 26, 2001 (excerpts)

25,000 people rally in Tokyo "Foil SDF dispatch bill and defend people's


Women call for opposition to SDF dispatch bill

Scholars, artists, priests, and athletes together call for an end to terrorism

JCP members of parliament go to Pakistan

JCP in Okinawa to help overcome slump in tourism in U.S. base-ridden island

Labor, Health and Welfare Ministry to amend rules on overtime

Gensuikyo action for U.N. Disarmament Week starts

Democratic lawyers' organization marks 80th founding anniversary

Court orders mining company to pay damages to pneumoconiosis patients

Workers in concerted action call for peace, job security and better medical

JCP activists in major companies take to streets

Government to avoid invoking full-scale safeguards on spring onion, shiitake
mushroom, and rush

China's trade union delegation visits JCP