200,000 people gather at 37th Akahata Festival

Foreign guests to Akahata Festival

JCP Fuwa receives CPC research center delegation

Afghan refugees : We want to return to homeland as soon as possible

U.S. Marines' live-fire exercises at Mt.Fuji draw protests

NTT union to accept company's plan to restructure 110,000 jobs

NTT workers stage sit-in to protest against NTT's 110,000 job cut plan

DYLJ calls on labor ministry to secure jobs for youth

Women are paid less -- part-time jobs

Arrogance of prime minister who ignores the Constitution -- Akahata
editorial, November 3, 2001

Theatrical people are angry at Koizumi "reform" for neglecting art and culture

JCP members of parliament arrive in Pakistan

JCP research team in Islamabad find U.S. air strikes causing difficulties for U.N. aid work for refugees

Pakistani foreign ministry official to JCP team says attacks must end at once

Don't send Aegis-class ship to support U.S. war

Japan-EU Parliamentarian League members discuss Afghan situation

Okinawan people express opposition to war

Okinawans call on government to withdraw engineering plan for new U.S. base

Police admit to providing U.S. Forces with information on opposition movement

U.S. Navy refuses to admit its ship's was at fault in the Ehime Maru sinking

Unemployment rate for September jumps to record 5.3 percent

Joint Struggle Committee for 2002 Spring Labor Offensive organized

Prime minister sued for unconstitutional Yasukuni Shrine visit

Four opposition parties agree to jointly struggle for preventing adverse revision of election system

Child care company president pleads guilty to a baby's death from suffocation