*Japanese Communist Party Central Committee 3rd Plenum

Gov't advisory panel calls for wide-ranging deregulatory steps

Unpaid overtime work at Toyota Motors exposed in parliament

Supreme Court rules state violating customs employees rights to unionize

JCP chair lectures on parliamentary democracy at Keio University

A JCP handbill and an e-mail cause unpaid overtime at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to end

Prime Minister Koizumi gives a cue to discussion on consumption tax rate increase -- Akahata editorial, December 12, 2001 (excerpts)

Construction workers union helps carpenter receive unpaid labor charge

Okinawa's landowners claim invalidity of U.S. Forces' forcible land use

Trade unions, religious and citizens organizations join hands in opposition to wartime legislation

Tokyo Governor Ishihara makes further improper remarks against women

U.S. must stop subcritical nuclear test!

Stop forcing Nago residents to accept new U.S. base plan

Foil plan of perpetuating the stationing of U.S. Forces in Okinawa -- Akahata editorial, December 14, 2001

Heavier tax for old people, less burden on major companies: Koizumi's new tax plan

Union helped construction workers on contract with failed company get unpaid wages

Human rights violations behind Matsushita Electric getting 10,000 workers to retire

Trade unions and researchers discuss ways to fight corporate restructuring

Government to introduce refueling aircraft

Stop subcritical nuclear testing!

Why should A-bombed Japan accept U.S. withdrawal from ABM treaty? -- Akahata editorial, December 16, 2001

Doctors, medical workers and students meet for elimination of nuclear weapons

Court supports counseling to help Moonies to quit

Democratic town administration defended