2002 MAR 13-MAR 19 JPS NEWS

JCP's message to Communist Party of India (Marxist) congress (March 18)

Major companies disregard Spring Struggle with self-centered counterproposals: Akahata editorial on March 18, 2002 (excerpts)

Prime minister of A-bombed country keeps silent about new U.S. nuclear weapons plan?: Akahata editorial, March 18, 2002 (excerpts)

JCP Fuwa holds talks with CPC International Department deputy head (March 19)

Oki Electric force skilled workers to pack vegetables (March 19)

Mayor Tanaka re-elected as Kisofukushima town head

Kato quits LDP but LDP internal decay remains (March 19)

Japan Gensuikyo calls on U.S. to cancel all its plans to use nuclear weapons and shift to nuclear weapons abolition (March 13)

Chinese women's group visits JCP (March 14)

Opposition parties demand for Suzuki to resign (March 14)

Let's block Koizumi plan and establish medical care reform: JCP (March 15)

Citizens protest at U.S. Forces' NLP (March 13)

NTT harasses progressive union members as warning (March 15)

Lawmaker Suzuki leaves LDP to cover up ugliness of LDP politics -- Akahata editorial, March 16

Former Foreign Ministry official found guilty of fraud (March 13)

Suzuki scandal is embodiment of LDP's corrupt nature: JCP Shii (March 14)

300,000 workers stage protests throughout Japan against 'zero' wage offers (March 15)

Park in SDF base is symbol of farmers' struggle for peace (March 14)

Suzuki likely to have perjured himself: JCP Koike (March 13)

Major companies offer no wage raise (March 14)

Kyocera Corp. accepts responsibility for worker's death from overwork (March 14)