2002 APR 24 - May 7 JPS NEWS

*In 50 years of Japan-U.S. Security Treaty people didn't allow 'war-nation' -- Akahata editorial, April 28 (April 29)

*Rengo leader expresses opposition to wartime legislation (April 29)

*Youth get active, opposing wartime bills (April 30)

*Young people join national peace meeting in Osaka (May 7)

*Diet should push Suzuki to resign (May 2)

*Parliament must unravel suspicions first -- JCP on former Upper House president's resignation (May 7)

*Lessons of rightist assault on Asahi Shimbun Branch -- Akahata editorial, May 2 (excerpts) (May 2)

*Rejection of war is what Constitution Day is about -- Akahata editorial, May 3 (May 7)

*Rally on May 3 Constitution Day (May 7)

*JCP-backed candidate beats LDP in Tokushima gubernatorial election (April 29)

*People destroy 'Koizumi myth' in three elections -- Akahata editorial, April 30 (April 30)

*The 73rd May Day celebration full of workers' energy (May 2)

*JMIU, hope for Nikon workers (April 30)

*Workers and JCP push big electric company into eliminating unpaid work (May 2)

P.E.N. declares opposition to wartime legislation (April 25)

Fukuoka union sets 'peace pact' with transport companies (April 26)

JCP calls for withdrawal of bill to adversely revise medical insurance system (April 24)

U.N. disarmament official looks to Japanese movement for nuclear weapons abolition (April 24)

Japan AALA holds national meeting for success in international conference of NGOs (April 24)

Campaign of sending antinuclear postcards to U.S. proposed (April 25)

LDP leader admits secret funds diversion (April 26)

Don't repeat the same mistakes: JCP vice-chair at Diet discussion on wartime bills (April 27)

Attack on SDF warship in the Indian Ocean may allow wartime laws to be invoked (April 24)

Sit-in protest against adverse revision of medical insurance system (April 25)

Koizumi Cabinet hypocrisy -- Akahata editorial, April 26 (gist) (April 26)

U.S. Marines aircraft disregard protests and land at Okinawa's civil airfield (April 24)

Don't suppress human rights under 'defending rights' pretext: JCP (April 25)

Withdraw 'personal information' bill: JCP and mass media (April 26)

Court orders mining company to compensate Chinese for forced labor in WWII (April 27)