2002 MAY 15 - MAY 21 JPS NEWS

*Civilian engineers may be sent to battlefields (May 18)

*Privacy bills controlling media must be reviewed -- Akahata editorial, May 21 (excerpts) (May 21)

*'Economy is bottoming out,' but in which country? -- Akahata editorial, May 19 (excerpts) (May 20)

*Fuwa talks about motive power for changing the world in 21st century (May 20)

*Government is considering supplying U.S. Forces with weapons and munitions (May 21)

*Disabled seek society for their self-support (May 20)

*Parkinson's patients oppose cuts in measures for incurable disease (May 20)

*JCP-supported candidate elected to Musashi-murayama City head in Tokyo (May 20)

*5,600 people attend Osaka rally against wartime laws (May 21)

* JCP chair's statement on 30th anniversary of Okinawa's return to Japan (May 16)

* Motion for vote on resolution calling for Suzuki's resignation rejected (May 15)*

* Defense Agency chief: SDF are Japan's armed forces (May 17)

* JCP Shii comments on consulate general incident in China (May 16)

* JCP Ichida meets with counselor of Chinese embassy (May 15)

* 2002 World Conference against A & H Bombs organizing committee holds general meeting (May 16)

Let's join people's power to set Okinawa free of U.S. bases -- Akahata editorial, May 15 (May 15)

* JCP chair: Government must take relief measures for overseas Hibakusha (May 18)

* Wartime legislation controls people's daily life (May 17)

* Record low employment rate among youth threatens Japan's future -- Akahata editorial, May 17 (May 17)

* Mie Prefectural Assembly resolves opposition to wartime legislation (May 18)

* Residents indignant at loud midnight noise from U.S. Yokota Air Base (May 18)

Foreign service officials arrested on suspicion of abuse of funds (May 15)