Four opposition parties call for H&W vice minister to testify and then resign (July 13)

JCP demands vice health minister tell truth in Diet (July 16)

Nagano's anti-dam governor to run for election again (July 16)

Conference held for changing Tokyo metropolitan governnment (July 15)

Foreign Minister: Nuclear weapons abolition is not realistic (July 13)

Crimes by U.S. soldiers increasing (July 13)

JCP is indispensable -- Akahata editorial, July 14

Story about 3 sisters becoming JCP members (July 15)

JCP chair receives Vietnamese ambassador (July 16)

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JCP reveals another scandal (July 12)

JCP International Bureau director meets with Cuban ambassador (July 12)

Hibakusha make mass action to be recognized as A-bomb disease sufferers (July 10)

JCP will show direction for reforming politics in October national elections (July 12)

JCP criticizes defense chief for advocating collective self-defense rights (July 10)

Yokohama citizens call for return of unused U.S. base site (July 11)

Wife calls for recognition of husband's death as of being work-related asbestosis (July 12)

Foil contingency bills without leaving any flashpoint -- Akahata editorial, July 11 (excerpts)

Five opposition parties to run joint candidate in Okinawa gubernatorial election (July 12)