World Conference calls for worldwide unity to stop nuclear war policy (August 3)

From International Meeting discussions (August 8)

JCP Ogata calls for increased action in cooperation with non-nuclear governments

Text of Declaration of 2002 World Conference

World Conference-Hiroshima (August 5)

Lively discussions (August 6)

Memorial Ceremony held in Hiroshima (August 6)

Text of 2002 Hiroshima Peace Declaration

Young energy sparks at '2002 Peace Jam' (August 6)

1,400 women hand down a nuclear-free world (August 6)

800 high school students learn real sufferings of Hibakusha (August 6)

Delegate to World Conference denounces U.S. political use of Sep. 11 victims (August 2)

Scientists discuss peace in Kobe (August 2)

JCP calls for further struggle against bad politics (August 1)

Ordinary session of the Diet was extraordinary (August 1)

U.S. Marines live-fire training (August 3)

Local governments demand U.S. Forces stop night and morning flights at Atsugi Base (August 1)

Peace committee meets governors' council (August 1)

'We need no new U.S. base': Nago City Assembly committee (August 2)

U.S. helicopters threaten boats to stop fishing (August 3)

Serial robbery by 3 U.S. Navy soldiers in Ebina City in Kanagawa (August 5)

Defense White Paper justifies going to war against terrorism--Akahata editorial, August 3

Fujitsu to push 3,000 workers out (July 31)

JCP cheers on Fujitsu workers in Nagano (August 3)

Record increase in restructuring-related unemployment in June (July 31)

Stop exercising resident registry network system: JCP (August 6)

JCP chair campaigns for anti-dam ex-Nagano governor to come back (August 5)