Why can't Japan say 'no' to U.S. war on Iraq? -- Akahata editorial, August 18 (August 19)

2002 World Conference against A&H Bombs ends (August 10)

(Text) Letter to the United Nations and Member states (7)

JCP Ichida meets with non-nuclear government officials in Nagasaki (August 10)

Nagasaki mayor lashes out at U.S. nuclear weapons policy (August 10)

JCP renews resolve to stop any war plans (August 14)

JCP takes to streets on 57th anniversary (August 16)

Tanaka Makiko quits Diet, but suspicions persist (August 10)

Latest Diet session receives 6.5 million more petition signatures (August 15)

Kitty Hawk sailors arrested (August 13, 14)

U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln enters Sasebo Port (August 17)

Local assembly statement against new U.S. base plan was shelved (August 15)

JCP calls for independent candidate for Okinawa governor (August 20)

Teachers hold study and exchange meeting (August 13)

Ehime Prefecture's decision to adopt warlike history textbook protested (August 16)

Public servants' salary cuts proposed for the first time (August 9)

Wage cuts for government employees -- Akahata editorial, August 11 (August 12)

Telecom workers resolved to fight against NTT restructuring (August 13)

Temps must be protected -- Akahata editorial, August 20 (excerpts)

JCP Fuwa to visit China (August 16)

VOICES OF FRIENDS WHO LOST THEIR LIVES IN A-BOMBING -- JCP member Hibakusha at 57th year (Part 1) (August 8)

Hiroshima rejects rhetoric of revenge--Akahata 'Current' column, August 7

Government budgetary guidelines shows its inability to meet real needs (August 8)

7,000 people pledge to work for increased international cooperation for a nuclear-weapon free world (August 7)

Japanese and international delegates discuss anti-nuclear weapons movements: Nagasaki (August 9)

SDF provides 'lectures' and simulation war games in universities (August 8)

Public servants' salary cuts proposed for the first time (August 9)

Hibakusha indignant at Koizumi's refusal to meet with them (August 7)

Government pressures assembly members into giving up opposition to U.S. base construction (August 9)