2002 Oct 16 - 22 JPS News

* JCP representatives and Saudi Arabian officials agree on the need to avoid war on Iraq (October 21)

* JCP representatives and Egyptian government officials agree on opposition to U.S. attack on Iraq (October 21)

* JCP talks with Organization of the Islamic Conference director (October 22)

* U.S. forces ignore residents opposition to noisy touch-and-go practices (October 21)

* Marshall islanders work to build peace museum (October 22)

Don't throw away corporate liability, don't put priority on profits - Akahata editorial, October 22

* Outgoing Cuban ambassador visits JCP (October 18)

* Peace activist Sekiya Ayako dies (October 16)

Government must accept residents' protest against noise pollution -- Akahata editorial, October 17

On government plan to stop falls in birthrates -- Akahata editorial, October 16 (excerpts)

* JCP Ichida: N-Korea's nuclear development program violates 'Japan-DPRK Pyongyang Declaration' (October 18)

* Unleash JCP value in extra-Diet: Shii addresses all JCP Dietmembers (October 19)

* New Japan Women's Association celebrates its 40th anniversary (October 19)

The way to avoid war -- Akahata editorial, October 18

Prime Minister Koizumi turns blind eye to what the people need -- Akahata editorial, October 19

* Iraqi parliament president tells JCP it will unconditionally accept inspection (October 16)

* Court orders state to pay 2.75 billion yen to compensate for U.S. base noise (October 17)

* JMIU files complaint about IBM's unfair labor practice to labor committee (October 17)

* Court orders Nestle to withdraw workers' dismissal (October 18)

* JCP urges U.S. Forces to stop NLP at Atsugi Base (October 16)