2002 DEC 18 - DEC 24 JPS NEWS

Next update will be January 10.

World must not come under U.S. military control -- Akahata editorial, December 22 (December 23)

* Panel calls for SDF to take more active role in PKO (December 19)

* Anti-new U.S. base struggle goes on in Nago (December 24)

Japan must not support illegitimate U.S. war -- Akahata editorial, December 18

* JCP demands budget be redrafted to reduce people's hardships (December 21)

* Business giants refuse to listen to workers (December 18)

Corporate greed is responsible for the worsening economy -- Akahata editorial, December 19 (excerpts)

* Union membership is all-time low in Japan (December 20)

* Large corporations increase internal reserves with personnel cuts (December 21)

* Talks with Indian House Speaker Joshi (December 18)

* Talks with India's defense minister (December 19)

* Meeting with India's foreign ministry official (December 19)

* Discussion with West Bengal's chief minister (December 20)

* JCP-CPIM leaders discuss international effort to block war on Iraq (December 20)

* JCP chair meets with CPI national secretary (December 20)

* Shii and Sri Lankan prime minister agree on nonaligned movement, Iraq issue, nuclear weapons abolition (December 23)

* Meeting with opposition leader (December 23)

* Talks with Communist Party of Sri Lanka leader (December 24)

* JCP message to CPSL 17th Congress (December 23)

* JCP policy commission chair reviews 2002 (December 18)

* 250 billion yen in tax money to all parties except for the JCP (December 23)

* All JCP candidates elected to city assembly in Tokyo (December 24)

* Government accepts court ruling that aid law be applied to Hibakusha living outside Japan (December 19)

* Former war orphans sue Japan's government (December 21)

* JCP comments on election of South Korea's next president (December 20