2002 DEC 25 - 2003 JAN 7 JPS NEWS

* Shii: Let's talk more about the JCP (January 6)

* JCP Shii on North Korea's nuclear threat (January 7)

* JCP chair and Pakistani foreign ministry official discuss Iraq, nuclear-weapons, and Pakistan-India dispute (December 25)

* Shii and senior Pakistani official exchange views on democracy and peaceful coexistence (December 25)

* JCP chair talks with Pakistani finance advisor on poverty and terrorism (December 26)

* JCP chair returns from South Asia visits (December 26)

Government's budget proposal is tantamount to seeking to destroy living conditions -- Akahata editorial, December 25 (excerpts)

* Three business powers call for higher tax rate (January 7)

* A new party of tax money-mongers: JCP (December 25)

* Eight months after birth of a communist mayor in Yuzawa City (January 7)

* A panel calls for a new memorial for war dead to exist along with Yasukuni Shrine (December 26)

* Prime Minister's visit of Ise Shrine violates principle of separation of religion and politics (January 7)

* IBM Japan workers union protests corporate split (December 26)

* Local trade union's, municipalities and employers work together to defend jobs (January 6)

* Workers of parts maker for Toyota Motors get 170 million yen in back pay for overtime (January 6)

* Gensuikyo holds new year's first 6 and 9 action (January 7)