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List of Past issues

 Shii comments on Suga’s election as LDP president (September 15, 2020)
 Appeals court unjustly defends racist hate speech as ‘public nature’ (September 15, 2020)
 Shii talks with outgoing Korean minister-counselor (September 15, 2020)
 Outgoing Prime Minister Abe should not force his successor to hasten Japan’s ability to attack enemy bases[Editorial] (September 13, 2020)
 Prime candidate for LDP president will continue with unsuccessful 'Abenomics' (September 12, 2020)
 Gov’t employee union criticizes Meteorological Agency’s plan to place ads on its website (September 12, 2020)
 Efforts needed to eradicate gender inequalities in wages (September 11, 2020)
 Shii calls on reborn opposition party to work together to envision a new gov't (September 11, 2020)
 Front runner in LDP presidential election vows to continue Abe’s policy line (September 10, 2020)
 Gov’t plans to spend 30 million yen every day to suppress local protests against Henoko base project (September 10, 2020)
 Press reporters' union protests possible intrusion in news media by authorities (September 10, 2020)
 Sunday Akahata’s report on cherry blossom-viewing party scandal wins grand prize for journalism (September 9, 2020)
 JCP in Okinawa's Urasoe City presses mayor to say 'No' to new US military port (September 9, 2020)
 Japan spends nearly 600 million yen to fill gaps in compensation from US gov’t to victims of US crimes and accidents (September 8, 2020)
 Coronavirus crisis raises risk of increasing labor exploitation in digital economy (September 8, 2020)
 Reflection on past colonial rule is necessary to end racism[Editorial] (September 7, 2020)
 Leak of hazardous firefighting foams might have caused water-pollution near Futenma base: expert (September 6 & 7, 2020)
 LDP sticking to Abe’s policy positions appears to be on sinking ship (September 5, 2020)
 This week’s JCP international activity (September 5, 2020)
 Following JCP Diet deliberation, Welfare Ministry begins advising public of right to receive public assistance  (September 4, 2020)
 Part-time café staff go on strike, seeking compensation for corona-caused leave (September 4, 2020)
 Non-regular workers dismissed for sake of corporate survival during COVID-19 recession (September 3, 2020)
 Corona crisis reflected in rise in number of households on welfare (September 3, 2020)
 Convenience store chains officially reprimanded for potential Antimonopoly Law violation (September 3, 2020)
 Ceremony commemorating Korean victims of 1923 massacre held at Tokyo park (September 2, 2020)
 Nearly 40% of hospital doctors work overtime exceeding gov’t-set danger line for death from overwork (September 2, 2020)
 JCP calls on opposition parties to speed up talks on electoral cooperation (September 1, 2020)
 JCP Koike on TV program: Now is time to establish a people-oriented gov't (August 31, 2020)
 Ex-Imperial Library clerk reflects on library's war cooperation (August 31, 2020)
 In response to PM Abe's resignation, Shii calls for opening extraordinary Diet session (August 29, 2020)
 980K Vietnamese sign Hibakusha petition calling for elimination of nuclear weapons (August 28, 2020)
 Gov’t should offer more support to deal with oil spill in Mauritius[Editorial] (August 27, 2020)
 US military in training exercises sprays Japanese security guards with tear gas (August 27, 2020)
 JCP Koike: Dietmembers Kawai Katsuyuki and Anri should take responsibility for vote-buying scandal and resign (August 26, 2020)
 JCP Koike: workers' accident compensation insurance should cover corona-infected actors (August 26, 2020)
 Japan's food self-sufficiency rate rises by only 0.4 percentage points (August 26, 2020)
 JCP Koike: Money scandal-tainted lawmaker Akimoto should immediately step down (August 25, 2020)
 Looking back over gov't led by Abe Shinzo, the longest-serving prime minister (August 24, 2020)
 Japan should commit more funds to global fight against locust crisis[Editorial] (August 24, 2020)
 Corona crisis clearly demonstrates the need to raise minimum hourly wages (August 22, 2020)
 Average hourly minimum wage to be 902 yen in 2020, up only 1 yen (August 22, 2020)
 1st A-bomb exhibit in Hawaii taking place (August 21, 2020)
 Superpartisan doctor-turned lawmakers urge gov’t to improve PCR testing at COVID-19 epicenters (August 21, 2020)
 Gov’t should make all-out effort in response to Mauritius oil spill accident involving Japanese ship: JCP Kokuta (August 20, 2020)
 JCP Miyamoto urges gov’t to respond swiftly to worsening employment situation due to pandemic (August 19&20, 2020)
 High school students urge gov’t to join UN nuclear weapons ban treaty (August 20, 2020)
 Shii meets with Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan (August 19, 2020)
 PM Abe who refuses to face up to Japan’s wartime past not fit to talk about ‘positive pacifism’ (August 18, 2020)
 Koike comments on worst-ever drop of 27.8% in GDP (August 18, 2020)
 Vaccines against COVID-19 must be developed as 'a public good'[Editorial] (August 16, 2020)

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