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 Last message of Nagasaki Hibakusha before his death translated into 8 languages (February 13, 2018)
 Stand up like Takiji to oppose anti-people gov’t: JCP Koike in rally to commemorate death of Kobayashi Takiji (February 13, 2018)
 Gov’t policy to downsize Meteorological Agency hinders volcano monitoring (February 12, 2018)
 Shii hopes PyeonChang Games will lead to global peace (February 10 & 11, 2018)
 A dropped US Osprey part drifts to Okinawa's Ikei-jima beach (February 10, 2018)
 120,000 signatures collected seeking ban on military flights over childcare centers in Okinawa (February 10, 2018)
 Memphis sanitation workers’ historic strike relayed to fight for $15 (February 9, 2018)
 Court recognizes traffic death of interior plant service company worker as work-related (February 9, 2018)
 JCP seeks peace treaty stipulating return of all the Chishima Islands: JCP (February 8, 2018)
 Possession of long-range cruise missiles is unconstitutional in Japan: JCP Miyamoto (February 8, 2018)
 SDF copter crash in Saga heightens concern over Osprey deployment to Saga Airport (February 8, 2018)
 Housing for elderly destroyed in fire (February 2, 3 & 7, 2018)
 Gov’t to resume subsidy payments to Nago City (February 7, 2018)
 JCP Kasai urges gov’t to not guarantee bank loans to Hitachi project to construct NPP in UK (February 7, 2018)
 US soldier arrested for rape (February 7, 2018)
 Nuclear watchdog should have teeth that bite (February 7, 2018)
 Anti-base candidate falls short of being reelected to Okinawa's Nago City mayor (February 6, 2018)
 JCP proposes accessible public assistance program (February 6, 2018)
 SDF helicopter crashes into residential area (February 6, 2018)
 Hibakusha condemn Trump’s new nuclear weapons strategy (February 4, 2018)
 75% of ‘Net café refugees’ employed in low-wage, unstable jobs (February 4, 2018)
 PM Abe refuses to sign Hibakusha's antinuke petition (February 1-3, 2018)
 Opposition party lawmakers lodge protest with US Embassy against repeated US military-caused accidents in Okinawa (February 3, 2018)
  Trade minister promises JCP Tamura not to allow JETRO to evade labor law  (February 2, 2018)
 JCP Kurabayashi: Don’t take property away from people in arrears with national health insurance premiums (February 2, 2018)
 Akahata on its 90th birthday renews its determination to contribute to social progress[Editorial] (February 1, 2018)
 Akahata gives me hints to finding the answers to my questions: university student (February 1, 2018)
 JCP Akamine demands abolition of law allowing US military to continue with unsafe flight practices (January 31, 2018)
 It was through Akahata that two of us met: Akahata deliveryman (January 31, 2018)
 3,200 US marines and civilian employees will be concentrated in Henoko after completion of new base (January 30, 2018)
 Trucking companies and drivers to transport ministry: Fair price needed to ensure safe transportation (January 30, 2018)
 National university association head: Abe’s new education policy will ‘interfere in university autonomy’ (January 30, 2018)
 US marine in Okinawa arrested for hitting hotel worker (January 29, 2018)
 Anti-poverty groups take to streets to oppose Abe’s plan to slash livelihood protection benefits (January 29, 2018)
 Running while delivering Akahata, the life of a JCP member (January 29, 2018)
 90 years of daily Akahata, 'It teaches me about the world' (January 28, 2018)
 Okinawa and Guam women rally to oppose US military buildup (January 28, 2018)
 JCP Koike in Diet interpellation raises 'health inequality' issue (January 27, 2018)
 JCP Koike criticizes State Minister Matsumoto’s jeer as outrageous (January 27, 2018)
 State minister resigns over his abusive remark about US military aircraft accidents in Okinawa (January 27, 2018)
 Shii to Abe: Gov’t should slash financial support for US military instead of slashing welfare benefits (January 26, 2018)
 Vice minister: 'How many were killed?' in US aircraft mishaps in Okinawa (January 26, 2018)
 Anti-base incumbent’s victory in Nago mayoral race will pave way for an Okinawa free of US bases (January 21, 2018)
 Okinawans overwhelmed by continuing spate of accidents involving US military aircraft (January 25, 2018)
 JCP lawmakers to gov't: Don't allow employers to circumvent labor law (January 25, 2018)
 Japanese and South Korean teenagers concur on need to abolish nuclear weapons (January 25, 2018)
 ‘No War Network’ official criticizes Abe’s move to undermine Article 9 (January 24, 2018)
 Protest campaign against Henoko base construction wins S. Korean Justice & Peace award (January 24, 2018)
 Joint efforts of JCP and labor union overturn denial of workers’ compensation benefits (January 24, 2018)
 Ordinary Diet session focusing on Article 9 revision convened (January 23, 2018)

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