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List of Past issues

 Ishin fully supportive of LDP: JCP Koike (December 6, 2016)
 Top 10 defense companies donate 126 million yen to LDP (December 4, 2016)
  Military-academia cooperation under Abe government is researcher-version of economic conscription  (December 4, 2016)
 TPP to impose dangerous food additives on Japan: JCP Kira (December 2, 2016)
 Japan needs to utilize fresh UN sanctions against North Korea to reboot Six-Party Talks[Editorial] (December 2, 2016)
 Minister Tsuruho has corrupt relation with gov’t subsidy recipient (December 2, 2016)
 LDP and Komei together with Ishin forcibly begin discussing bill to legalize casinos (December 1, 2016)
 LDP draft constitution obliges adherence to outdated gender roles (November 30, 2016)
 Pro-business Abe gov’t seeks to weaken agricultural cooperatives (November 30, 2016)
 JCP Koike: extension of Diet session in order to bulldoze though adverse bills is unacceptable (November 29, 2016)
 Politically conscious Japanese youth lean toward a government made up of opposition alliance (November 27 & 28, 2016)
 JCP lawmakers attend meetings to inaugurate local chapters of Liberal Party (November 27, 2016)
 Ruling coalition again uses its majority force to steamroller ‘pension cuts bill’ through Diet (November 26, 2016)
 Corporate donations to LDP increase since Abe returned to power (November 26 & 27, 2016)
 Scientific group urges government to stop environmental destruction in Henoko and Takae (November 25, 2016)
 US veteran of Iraq War testifies about reality of war (November 24, 2016)
 JCP Yamazoe: ISDS clause in TPP will bypass Japan’s jurisdiction (November 22, 2016)
 Abe Cabinet minister comes under fire for money scandal (November 22, 2016)
 JCP stands against extension of current Diet session: JCP Koike (November 22, 2016)
 PM Abe flatters Trump in face-to-face talks (November 21, 2016)
 Citizens take to the streets across Japan to say, ‘Don’t send SDF to South Sudan for risky new duties!’ (November 20, 2016)
 Opposition parties and Civil Alliance agree to formulate policies in common for next general election (November 18, 2016)
 Anti-TPP global action: Don’t use medical care services to feed greed (November 18, 2016)
 Court orders gov’t to compensate Okinawans near US base for noise pollution (November 18, 2016)
 Okinawa governor demands environmental reassessment of US Osprey pads (November 12, 2016)
 Abe gov’t imposes unconstitutional new duties on SDF dispatched to South Sudan PKO (November 16, 2016)
 JCP Koike criticizes Cabinet decision assigning risky new duties to SDF units in South Sudan (November 16, 2016)
 Opposition-backed candidate becomes next Tsukuba City mayor (November 15, 2016)
 Shii determines to kill TPP bills through intense debate in Upper House (November 11, 2016)
 TPP ratification bill forced through Lower House (November 11, 2016)
 Abe gov’t still sticks to pushing for TPP (November 11, 2016)
 Policy accord for general election comes up for discussion among 4 opposition parties (November 10, 2016)
 Space bills for military pursuits enacted (November 10, 2016)
 Trump’s victory in US presidential election, high time to end Japan’s subservience to US (November 10, 2016)
 Ex-senior officials’ parachuting organ receives over 12.4 billion yen for ‘My Number’ system (November 9, 2016)
 Antinuke citizens meet to oppose Japan-India nuclear deal (November 8, 2016)
 Teachers rally to oppose constitutional revision and political control over education (November 6, 2016)
 TPP allows no option to buy safe cosmetic products (November 5, 2016)
 Citizens & opposition parties protest forced passage of TPP-related bills (November 5, 2016)
 Pro-Constitution actions take place across country (November 4, 2016)
 Koike to university students: opposition parties’ efforts can influence public opinion (November 3, 2016)
 Diet starts discussing pension cuts bill (November 2, 2016)
 Aomori residents rally to oppose planned SDF dispatch to South Sudan (October 31, 2016)
 Ruling parties fear reliving ‘nightmares’ over constitutionalism discussions (October 30, 2016)
 Okinawa Prefectural Assembly adopts resolution to oppose riot policemen’s racist slurs against local residents (October 29, 2016)
 JCP opposes bills allowing increased military use of space (October 27 & 28, 2016)
 Agriculture Minister at one time signed anti-TPP petition (October 27, 2016)
 JCP Kokuta criticizes ruling bloc for calling only pro-TPP unsworn witnesses to Diet (October 27, 2016)
 Abe gov’t decides to extend SDF participation in UN PKO in crisis-ridden South Sudan (October 26, 2016)
 Bill to cut pension benefits in defiance of price rise should be abolished[Editorial] (October 26, 2016)

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