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List of Past issues

 2020 draft budget sacrifices people’s welfare and livelihoods to fund military buildup[Editorial] (December 21, 2019)
 Lawyers urge PM Abe to explain to victims about tie with shady business person who was invited to Abe-hosted party (December 20, 2019)
 Appeals court rules non-disclosure of discount given on land sale to 'Moritomo' as illegal (December 18, 2019)
 Abe sends all LDP chapters video message calling for constitutional revision (December 14, 2019)
 Abe Cabinet decision on ‘antisocial forces’ full of inconsistencies (December 11, 2019)
 Opposition parties’ collaboration makes epoch-making progress in extraordinary Diet session: Shii (December 10, 2019)
 Media uncritically reported former PM Nakasone’s death (December 8, 2019)
 Disputed bills regarding Japan-US trade pact and teachers’ excessively long working hours forcibly enacted (December 5, 2019)
 JCP Daimon: Tax the rich (December 4, 2019)
 While receiving state subsidies, LDP in 2018 collects largest amount of corporate donations  (November 30, 2019)
 Consumer Affairs Minister admits that head of disgraceful firm was invited to cherry blossom-viewing party (November 28, 2019)
 ‘Antisocial forces’ invited to Abe gov’t-hosted cherry blossom-viewing party (November 28, 2019)
 7K Saitama citizens rally to foil Abe’s constitutional revision attempt (November 27, 2019)
 Opposition-citizens alliance-backed candidate puts up good fight in Kochi gubernatorial race (November 25, 2019)
 Abe government too chicken to criticize China over the situation in Hong Kong (November 24, 2019)
 Even with continuation of Japan-S. Korea GSOMIA, issues still long way from being resolved (November 23, 2019)
 PM’s wife also uses cherry party to entertain her friends (November 21, 2019)
 Operator of Japan’s first arms expo recognizes that Japan already changed Article 9 (November 21, 2019)
 Civil Alliance discusses with opposition parties regarding cooperation in next general election (November 20, 2019)
 Adjournment of regular Cabinet meeting due to imperial succession ritual unconstitutional (November 13 and 14, 2019)
 Cherry blossom party cancelled, but opposition parties continue investigating scandal: Koike (November 14, 2019)
 Sunday Akahata’s scoop implies that PM Abe made false statement about cherry-viewing party (November 14, 2019)
 Opposition parties set up team to probe into cherry blossom-viewing party scandal involving Abe (November 12, 2019)
 Tamura criticizes Abe for delighting his supporters with invitations to gov’t-hosted cherry blossom-viewing party (November 9, 2019)
 Concerned citizens publish statement calling for cancellation of planned arms trade fair (November 1, 2019)
 Justice minister resigns over his wife's possible violation of election law (November 1, 2019)
 Okinawa: Abe gov’t should urge US military to stop holding parachute drills at Kadena AB (October 31, 2019)
 JCP Miyamoto urges Welfare Ministry to retract its proposal to slash number of public hospitals (October 31, 2019)
 METI Minister just one month after taking office resigns over money scandal (October 26, 2019)
 Shii speaks to opposition party executives on Senkaku territorial issue (October 25, 2019)
 US labor union visits Okinawa to learn about anti-US base movements (October 23 and 24, 2019)
 Abe allegedly used taxpayers’ money to entertain his supporters (October 21, 2019)
 Shii at progressive people's forum speaks on process toward opposition parties' coalition gov't (October 20, 2019)
 JCP and SDP agree to cooperate on forming coalition government (October 18, 2019)
 Cabinet minister visits war-glorifying Yasukuni Shrine (October 18, 2019)
 Gov’t should provide victim-oriented support in efforts to recover from typhoon damage[Editorial] (October 16, 2019)
 Keidanren calls on companies to make donations based on its annual report card to LDP  (October 16, 2019)
 Koike at Upper House plenary meeting: Raise minimum wages, not consumption tax (October 10, 2019)
 Shii in Diet interpellation demands cuts in sales tax rate to 5% (October 9, 2019)
 Shii urges Abe to investigate into money scandal involving KEPCO executives (October 9, 2019)
 Lower House Speaker under fire for his remarks in support of PM Abe's constitutional revision commitment (October 8, 2019)
 Pro-Civil Alliance candidate beats LDP-Komei-backed rival in mayoral election in Tokyo’s Akiruno City (October 8, 2019)
 Gov't should fulfill obligation to uncover money scandal involving KEPCO[Editorial] (October 6, 2019)
 Shii calls on all JCP Dietmembers to work hard to open way for formation of opposition parties' coalition government (October 5, 2019)
 Shii criticizes PM Abe’s historical view regarding international covenants on human rights (October 5, 2019)
 Signature-collection drive launched to counter consumption tax hike to 10% (October 2, 2019)
 JCP publishes appeal calling for cutting consumption tax rate to 5% without delay (October 1, 2019)
 Dietmember presents positive view on genocide against ethnic groups (September 29, 2019)
 2019 defense white paper stresses need to enhance cross-domain operation capabilities (September 28, 2019)
 Shii issues statement regarding agreement in Japan-US trade talks (September 27, 2019)

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