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 Civil Alliance: we will start out consensus-building with opposition parties in preparation for summer election (April 24, 2019)
 Anti-base ‘All Okinawa’ candidate beats LDP rival in Lower House by-election (April 22, 2019)
 'Threat' recognized in Japan-US '2+2' talks shifts to China and Russia from DPRK (April 21, 2019)
 Japan-US '2+2' talks reaffirm continuance of Henoko base project, ignoring Okinawans' will (April 20, 2019)
 LDP executive remark hints that consumption tax hike could be postponed (April 19, 2019)
 23-year-old agreement to return US Futenma base to Japan should be fulfilled without conditions attached[Editorial] (April 17, 2019)
 Campaigning for second round of nationwide local elections officially begins (April 16, 2019)
 Olympics minister resigns over his unsympathetic remark about 2011 disaster victims (April 12, 2019)
 JCP Akamine urges gov’t to decrease US military flight training zones to ensure aviation safety (April 10, 2019)
 Candidates supported by citizens and JCP lose in Osaka double elections (April 8, 2019)
 Land Minister rules Okinawa’s revocation of Henoko landfill approval to be illegal (April 6, 2019)
 Deputy land minister resigns amid criticism against his remark on favor-based politics (April 6, 2019)
 JCP Nihi demands resignation of deputy land minister and cancellation of wasteful road construction project (April 5, 2019)
 Anti-helipad protesters' tent in Okinawa's Takae removed while unguarded (April 5, 2019)
 JCP Kira urges government to ensure medical services for children in households with no public health insurance card (April 5, 2019)
 Opposition parties agree to demand resignation of deputy land minister approving political favoritism (April 4, 2019)
 PM Abe should reflect on prosecution inquest panel’s decision and uncover full truth behind ‘Moritomo’ scandal[Editorial] (April 3, 2019)
 Gov't spokesman in campaign speech uses Emperor for political purposes (March 31, 2019)
 Shii gives kick-off speech in Kanagawa, calling for major JCP advance in local elections (March 30, 2019)
 Diet passes FY 2019 budget (March 28, 2019)
 Okinawans stage protest against Tokyo’s forcible landfill expansion (March 26, 2019)
 JCP Yamashita demands creation of national standards for disabled children’s schools (March 26, 2019)
 JCP Tamura: Build more authorized childcare centers instead of subsidizing for-profit corporate-led facilities (March 24, 2019)
 Okinawa takes central government to court (March 23, 2019)
 150,000 signatures opposing consumption tax hike to 10% submitted to Diet (March 21, 2019)
 JCP Daimon demands creation of state program to subsidize purchase of hearing aids (March 21, 2019)
 300 US aircraft may be ordered to fly to 2 SDF bases in Kyushu in event of emergency (March 19, 2019)
 Cost to purchase island for US flight drill swells fourfold to 16 billion yen (March 19, 2019)
 10,000 Okinawans rally to oppose Henoko base construction (March 18, 2019)
 Abe gov’t generously donates 300 million yen in Japanese people’s tax money to US military thinktank CSIS (March 14, 2019)
 100K pple nationwide rally to oppose heavy tax burdens (March 14, 2019)
 Japan can be urged to pay 2 trillion yen for USFJ under Trump’s ‘Cost Plus 50’ plan (March 13, 2019)
 Shii issues statement at 8 year commemoration of massive earthquake and Fukushima nuclear meltdown (March 11, 2019)
 Double elections for governor and mayor will take place in Osaka (March 9, 2019)
 Okinawa governor meets with Okinawan Hawaiian who started antibase online drive (March 6, 2019)
 Geologists: Active faults may be beneath US base construction site at Henoko (March 5, 2019)
 American man again petitions White House on Henoko base construction (March 3, 2019)
 Okinawa governor notifies Japan & US gov'ts of Okinawans' rejection to Henoko base construction (March 2, 2019)
 JCP Akamine: Abe should accept outcome of Okinawa referendum rejecting Henoko base project (March 1, 2019)
 Backed by referendum results, Okinawa will push Tokyo to give up on Henoko base project  (February 26, 2019)
 JCP Kokuta: Celebration of 30th anniversary of Emperor’s coronation goes against popular sovereignty (February 22 & 26, 2019)
 Okinawa confronts PM Abe with overwhelming ‘No’ in Henoko referendum (February 25, 2019)
 Shii: Gov’t should take seriously Okinawans’ opposition in Henoko referendum (February 25, 2019)
 American promoter of anti-Henoko base petition unjustly taken into custody at Japanese airport (February 21, 2019)
 JCP Kasai calls for ‘sunshine’ approach to reduce number of people in arrears in national health insurance premiums (February 21, 2019)
 Japan still intends to buy 105 F35s with its 966 design flaws (February 16, 2019)
 Okinawa-wide referendum officially announced (February 15, 2019)
 Abe’s Article 9 revision attempt aimed at forcing local gov’ts to provide young residents’ names to SDF: Shii (February 15, 2019)
 LDP to pressure local governments to cooperate in SDF recruiting activities (February 15, 2019)
 Shii comments on S. Korean parliament chair’s remark calling for Emperor’s apology to comfort women victims (February 14, 2019)

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