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 Osprey’s mishap rate increases 1.7 times in five years (November 5, 2017)
 US military deploys F-35As to Kadena base in defiance of local opposition (November 1, 2017)
 Japan-US SOFA-related guidelines hamper Okinawa’s investigation of US aircraft crash in Takae (October 30, 2017)
 Okinawa Governor intends to demand ban on three helipads in Takae (October 21, 2017)
 Only a week after crash, US military resumes CH-53E flights (October 18 and 19, 2017)
 Hiroshima JCP protests against US military jets’ firing of ‘flare’ decoys above residential areas (October 17, 2017)
 Okinawans raise outcry against CH-53E copter crash in Takae (October 14 &16, 2017)
 Okinawa JCP demands contamination survey of radioactive materials at CH-53E crash site (October 15, 2017)
 Professor: US military helicopter accident in Takae causes radiation contamination (October 15, 2017)
 US CH-53E chopper crashes near Takae community in Okinawa (October 12 & 14, 2017)
 Anti-base ‘All Okinawa’ lawmakers urge defense authority to halt flights of US military aircraft (October 13, 2017)
 Okinawa governor expresses rage over US helicopter crash (October 13, 2017)
 Gov’t ordered to pay residents near US Yokota AB 600 million yen in damages for noise (October 12, 2017)
 MV22 makes emergency landing in Okinawa, bringing dangerous Ospreys into spotlight yet again[Editorial] (October 1, 2017)
 40 years since US military aircraft crash killed 3 residents in Yokohama (September 24, 2017)
 US Osprey grounded for more than a month due to engine malfunction (September 17, 2017)
 MV-22, before crashing in sea off Okinawa, repeatedly failed in attempts at aerial refueling (September 12, 2017)
 Osprey emits smoke again during repair work (September 8, 2017)
 Residents bring complaints against FCLP exercises at US Atsugi base (September 8, 2017)
 US military vehicle hits pedestrian guardrails in Okinawa (September 6, 2017)
 Osprey emits unreported smoke the day before its emergency landing (August 31 & September 1, 2017)
 Except for Japan, number of US troops deployed overseas shrinks (August 27, 2017)
 US fighter aircraft drops parts during flight (August 27, 2017)
 Japan-US SOFA seen from firefighter’s eyes (August 23, 2017)
 Another Yokosuka-based USS Aegis destroyer collides with commercial ship (August 22, 2017)
 JCP Hokkaido demands halt to Osprey participation in joint drills (August 17, 2017)
 Protests continue across Japan against Osprey flights after fatal crash (August 13&14, 2017)
 US military refuses flat out to ground Ospreys (August 9, 2017)
 Okinawa presses state gov’t to halt Osprey flights (August 8, 2017)
 JCP demands halt to Osprey flight drills in response to latest crash in Australia (August 8, 2017)
 Latest crash verifies there is no place for defective US Osprey in Japan[Editorial] (August 7, 2017)
 JCP in Hokkaido Assembly urges governor not to accept Osprey flight drills (August 3, 2017)
 US Forces to use mobile cluster bomb launchers 1st time ever in joint drills with SDF (August 2, 2017)
 US forces imposes further base burdens on Okinawans in violation of SACO agreement (July 28&31, 2017)
 US military aircraft loses metal part during flight drill (July 16, 2017)
 Blind couple protests against plan to deploy carrier-based jets to US Iwakuni base (June 22, 2017)
 US large cargo craft drops a wing panel (June 21, 2017)
 US military refuses to cooperate in investigating collision between Japanese freighter and US destroyer (June 20, 2017)
 Okinawa JCP protests against US Osprey’s repeated emergency landings (June 16, 2017)
 MV-22 Ospreys make 2 emergency landings within a week (June 8 and 13, 2017)
 US forces in Japan should stop massive military buildup at Iwakuni Air Station[Editorial] (June 7, 2017)
 More than 80% of crimes committed by US servicemen not indicted (June 1, 2017)
 US soldier arrested for hit-and-run (May 30, 2017)
 Gov’t pays no attention to US military’s use of Japanese companies to transport munitions (May 23, 2017)
 Post-typhoon reconstruction in Okinawa delayed by US live-fire drills (May 16, 2017)
 Okinawans have witnessed US aircraft crash once a year for half a century (May 15, 2017)
 US military puts Japanese ‘no war’ civic movements under surveillance (May 13, 2017)
 Municipal assembly chairs in Okinawa jointly protest parachuting drills by US military (May 11, 2017)
 US Forces in Japan offer mock military training to children at open-base event (May 7, 2017)
 US ship-based plane drops a machine screw (May 7, 2017)

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