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 Top 2 brackets rake in 46% of income in Japan (December 5, 2011)
 Asian nations cool toward TPP (November 26, 2011)
 TPP entry may lead to collapse of local construction firms (November 26, 2011)
 Major shareholders sell their stocks to ‘save’ 3.3 bil. yen in tax breaks (November 24, 2011)
 Entry into TPP will raise drug prices (November 27, 2011)
 TPP lies in background to lifting of ban on on-call temps and manufacturing temps (November 19, 2011)
 Farmers, doctors, consumers, and lawmakers unite to block TPP entry  (November 9, 2011)
 PM must retract decision to enter TPP talks: JCP Shii (November 12, 2011)
 JCP Kasai at Diet exposes US demands on Japan over TPP (November 18, 2011)
 Local assembly chairs raise opposition to TPP (November 17, 2011)
 Noda already caught in TPP controversy (November 16, 2011)
 260 Lawmakers hold rally opposing Japan’s entry into TPP  (November 8, 2011)
  All Dietmembers from Okinawa unite against TPP (November 4, 2011)
 TPP to threaten food safety (November 1, 2011)
 Major papers whip Noda gov’t to enter TPP (October 20, 2011)
 Internet viewers support JCP’s call for higher taxes on the wealthy  (October 20, 2011)
 Don’t fear Japanese farmers opposing TPP: Ex-US Senior Official (October 28, 2011)
 TPP will debilitate Japan’s public healthcare system (October 27, 2011)
 USTR thinks Japanese rules obstructive (October 27, 2011)
 JCP holds nationwide action in concert with farmers’ anti-TPP rally (October 27, 2011)
 Japanese farmers and doctors to jointly block TPP (October 26, 2011)
 Build solidarity among 99% to change economic system[Editorial] (October 26, 2011)
 Entry into TPP questioned by most prefectural assemblies (October 18, 2011)
 International forum opposing TPP held (October 16, 2011)
 JCP publishes appeal opposing Japan’s entry into TPP (October 14, 2011)
 Medical experts at DPJ’s meeting criticize entry into TPP (October 12 & 13, 2011)
 TPP opens gov’t procurement to foreign capital (Part 2) (September 22, 2011)
 TPP opens gov’t procurement to foreign capital (Part 1) (September 21, 2011)
 TPP participation hinders disaster reconstruction efforts (August 28, 2011)
 Economic white paper goes against recovery, calling for free trade (July 23, 2011)
 TPP participation will greatly hinder disaster reconstruction[Editorial] (April 15, 2011)
 TPP deals another blow to disaster-hit areas (April 14, 2011)
 US calls for Japan’s deregulation of 70 items (March 5, 2011)
 Japan’s entry into TPP will cost 3.5 million jobs (February 24 & 25, 2011)
 Consumption tax hike will hurt elderly and SMEs in particular (February 24, 2011)
 Unfair taxation: heavier burden on SMEs, more benefits for large firms (February 27, 2011)
 Take control of TPP process: US business coalition to US admin (February 20, 2011)
 Using 50 billion yen to invite Toyota, Miyagi still suffering from job shortage (February 8, 2011)
 TPP leads to free-trade of people, goods, money: JCP Yoshii (February 11, 2011)
 TPP intensifies US demands on Japan for beef, postal, and insurance trading (February 18, 2011)
 Japan needs closer ties with East Asia, not with US and TPP editorial (excerpts)[Editorial] (February 7, 2011 )
 Large corporations close plants after accepting subsidies from local gov’t (February 6, 2011)
 TPP is for stronger Japan-US ties: Japan and US think-tanks (February 4, 2011)
 Gov’t downsizes support for SMEs (February 3, 2011)
 Ichida demands public supports for SMEs (January 29, 2011)
 Obama’s State of the Union address reveals PM Kan’s naive vision for TPP[Editorial] (January 27, 2011)
 Local mayors express concerns over participation in TPP (January 27, 2011)
 Medical Association voices concerns over Japan’s entry into TPP (January 11, 2011)
 Shii proposes package to increase wages (January 10, 2011)
 PM Kan says he risks his political career on consumption tax hike (January 7, 2011)

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